Alastair Duncan
Metamorphosis, 2020
1300 mm x 1530 mm

Alastair Duncan
Interconnection, 2019
1530 mm x 1120 mm

Alastair Duncan’s Artist Statement

The current theme of my work is interconnection. I am interested in presenting different aspects of this theme, using interactive elements within the weave to trigger audio, allowing a degree of creative engagement. I also enjoy using metal in my weaving.

The design of my tapestries is largely intuitive. I start with an idea as notes and sketches on paper which is then developed through weaving samples and computer drawings which I develop further as I weave the tapestry. The audio I use evolves from original field recordings which I work with to create different soundscapes. Some of these are recognizable, others are more abstract.

Alastair Duncan
Untitled (maquette), 2019
200 mm x 200 mm x 200 mm

Alastair Duncan’s Biography

Originally trained in tapestry weaving and design at Cleveland College of Art, Alastair moved to Wales in 1983 where he established a studio in Swansea’s Maritime Quarter. He went on to develop his professional practice completing numerous major commissions for the corporate, private, and public sectors with clients such as the Bank of Ireland, Allied Irish Banks, City and County of Swansea, Monmouthshire County Council, and many more. He has exhibited widely in the UK and Europe.

From 1995 his work extended to digital media, first in large-scale digital print design followed by interactive digital media. He has led numerous school and community projects in tapestry weaving and interactive disc production. In 2005 he built his own studio from which he now runs StillWalks® and continues his original tapestry weaving practice. He is currently developing new work with interactive tapestry weaving and sound.