Martha Christian
Columnar Fossil, 2007
31 in x 49 in

Martha Christian
Tennessee Topography, 2004
80.5 in x 79 in

Martha Christian’s Artist Statement

I enjoy the mental process of extracting a form from nature and creating a new form that suggests, rather than represents, its origin.  Many of my tapestries are inspired by aerial views, maps, or geologic details. I use weaving’s inherently narrow depth of field to emphasize defined shapes, a wide range of colors, and a variety of textures.  My intent is for each tapestry to engage the viewers long enough for them to imagine their own interpretations.

Martha Christian
Expanded Flood Zone, 2021
65 in x 82 in

Martha Christian’s Artist Biography

Since childhood, I expected to be an artist.  After receiving my B.F.A. from Syracuse University, I worked in the Design Department of Hallmark Cards where another artist introduced me to weaving.  For several years I sold items at craft fairs and shops, then returned to school for an M.F.A. from the Memphis College of Art. I weave large tapestries, usually 80″ wide.  My tapestries appear in the ATB6 and ATB13 international exhibition catalogs and the book “Art of Tennessee,” published by the Frist Center for the Visual Arts. Images of my tapestries appear on the web in the Artist Member Gallery of