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ATA News + Resources

Headlines from the Front Page for 2006 - 2011

August 2011
New ATA forums start this Fall with Doris Florig, Christine Laffer and Linda Rees. For more information on signing up check here.
MAIZ, curated by Jackie Wollenberg, features tapestries by 16 artists in a new exhibition in our ATA Web Gallery. Check it out.
• New Artist Pages for Cornelia Theimer Gardella and Anton Veenstra, as well as a bio update from Anne Jackson.

July 2011
New Artist Pages for Fiona Hutchison and an update with new work from Inge Nørgaard.
ATA announces the next Unjuried Small Format Pacific Portals show will take place in July, 2012. Entry form downloads here.

June 2011
A new Educational Article is now online: "The Short, Simple Version of Colour Movement in Tapestry" by Kathe Todd-Hooker.
ATA proudly announces the winner of the ATA International Student Award for 2011: Rachel Betts-Wilmott.
New Artist Page for Care Standley and Lany Eila added a link to her new website.

May 2011
New Artist Pages for Patricia Armour, updated pages for Janet Austin and Jane Hoffman, plus new website link for Terri Stewart.

April 2011
Our Valentine's Day Appeal has reached 100% of our goal. Thank you to everyone who responded to our appeal, some more than once, but a very big thank you must go to Tommye Scanlin for her very generous challenge donation that helped so much to push us to our goal. Now on to our new website!
Entry forms for American Tapestry Biennial 9 (ATB9) available.
STI2: Passages lists venues and participating artists.
• We have three new Artist Pages for Don Burns, Sagari Joshi and Beverly Walker plus a new update from Lialia Kuchma.
A new Feature Article for our Members to enjoy by Tina Kane, "The Troyes Mémoire: The Making of a Medieval Tapestry"
New catalog for STI2 Passages. Order yours with this .pdf form.

March 2011
The latest ATA Web Gallery exhibition brings you a show curated by Merna Strauch titled "Transformed Traditions in Ikat II: Contemporary interpretations of a traditional technique."
New Artist Pages and updates from Maria Kovacs, Linda Weghorst and Marzena Ziejka.
Our Valentine's Day Appeal has reached 80% of our goal! We appreciate everyone's support.

February 2011
ATA launches its Valentine's Day Appeal with a fundraising goal of $5,000.
ATA Award for Excellence in 2010 went to Betty Hilton-Nash for her tapestry "Strands of Time."
New and updated Artist Pages from Pamela Gibson and Deborah Weir.

January 2011
Check the newly updated Artist Pages for Barbara Burns, Terri Stewart and Sarah Warren.

News from 2010

November-December 2010
New Educational Article: "Say Cheese" by Lyn Hart, a how-to treatise on digital photography.
ATA announces its Educational Workshop: Lisa Trujillo will teach "Chimayo Weaving" in April, 2011.
New Artist Pages for Lany Eila. Two artists have updated new images on their pages, see Pamela Davis and Lynn Mayne.
The latest Tapestry Topics is ready for Members! Check your email for download information.

September-October 2010
New Artist Pages for Anne Jackson and an update with new work by Kathe Todd-Hooker.
We have added new functionality to our PayPal buttons. Check the Join ATA page.
New ATA tag line "Honoring Tradition, Inspiring Innovation"
Welcome new Board Members: Elaine Duncan, Tricia Goldberg, Michael Rohde, and Diane Wolf.

August 2010
Enjoy new Artist Pages for Susan Iverson and Sonja Miremont. Bobbi Chamberlain updated hers with a new piece as well.

July 2010
The last iteration of Tapestry Topics Online as we switch to another distribution method, is here. Lots of color images for the Summer 2010 v36n2 edition.
A new Online Critique group is announced for 2010 led by Dorothy Clews. Register soon.
New Artist Pages on display: Sherri Woodard Coffey and Anna Kocherovsky.
Our latest catalog publications are available for order – American Tapestry Biennial 8 and Enchanted Pathways.
ATA will be at SOFA WEST: Santa Fe from July 8 - 11th.

June 2010
ATA proudly announces that Jennifer Hunt, of Lawrence, Kansas has received our 2010 ATA Student Award.
New Artist Pages by Sandy Adair, Birgitta Hallberg and an update by Tommye Scanlin.

May 2010
Awards announced for ATB8
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April 2010
See color images with the Tapestry Topics Online Spring 2010 issue.

March 2010
New Artist Pages by Mary Cost and Máximo Laura.
Second venue announced for ATB8 at the American Textile History Museum opening in January 2011.

February 2010
New ATA Web Gallery exhibition curated by Anna Bird Mays, "Archie Brennan"
New Artist Pages from Donna Loraine Contractor and Line Dufour.

January 2010
Take a look at new Artist Pages from Sara Hotchkiss and Rebecca Mezoff.
The latest exerpt edition of Tapestry Topics Online is now available: Winer 2009, v35n4.
Selection is complete and our juror has chosen fifty-four final artists for ATB8.
ATA announces a Call for Entry to Small Tapestry International 2: Passages.

News from 2009

December 2009
Latest Education Article now available: Commissioning Tapestries with articles by Joan Baxter and Cecilia Blomberg, introduction by Mary Lane, edited with Mary Jane Lord.
Registration forms for ATA's 2010 Educational Retreat are now available here.

November 2009
New Web Exhibition presenting the work of Inyul Heo curated by Barbara Burns.
New Artist Pages for Myla Collier and updates from Alex Friedman.

October 2009
New Artist Pages updates for Bobbi Chamberlin and Patricia Dunn.
ATA Award for Excellence in Tapestry 2009 went to Pat Williams for her tapestry Bugs on Parade.
Update to ATA's Organizational Resume.
ATA is on Facebook and you can become a fan.
Update to Tapestry Topics Guidelines for submitting articles.

September 2009
A list of ATA events planned for Convergence 2010.
An ATA Award of Excellence was given to Kathe Todd-Hooker for her tapestry "So Sought After" at the IMC Fiber Celebrated Exhibition.
ATA's Annual Report for 2008-2009 year ending June 30, 2009 available for download here.
Latest issue of Tapestry Topics Online (Fall, v35n3) available with color images.
New website banners and drop-down menus.

August 2009
New Artist Pages for Lialia Kuchma, of Chicago, Illinois.

July 2009
Artist Page update for Connie Lippert with three new tapestries.
The latest exhibition for our ATA Web Gallery brings to you with great pleasure:
Jean Pierre Larochette and Yael Lurie curated by Susan Martin Maffei.
Continuing ATA's Educational Article Series we have the latest addition:
Blog Tech
Sign up for the next Online Study Group scheduled for September, "Political Lines in Tapestry" facilitated by Christine Laffer.
ATA announces that "Enchanted Pathways" will be the next small format tapestry exhibition to take place at Convergence 2010 in New Mexico.
ATA will host its next Educational Retreat "Tapestry Enchantment" in 2010 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Now you can make your membership payment to ATA via PayPal. More information here.

June 2009
A warm welcome to Barbara Heller as ATA's new Chair of its Distance Learning Program. Details on our program available here.
Our Calendar page gets updated every month. Since we have a very quiet June you might think there is no news but the Calendar shows otherwise. Check it here.

May 2009
The 2009 ATA Student Award went to Daniel C. Edwards of Australia. Congratulations!
• ATA will be at SOFA West from June 11 - 14th during the large art expo there. More information here on our Calendar Listings.
Please join the ATA Board in welcoming Mary Zicafoose to the position of Co-Director of Resources, replacing Linda Wallace. Linda will remain on the Board of Directors to continue her work with public relations and promotions. Our list of volunteers can be viewed here.
Tapestry Topics Online gives you excerpts of the latest printed version of Tapestry Topics (Summer v35 n2), with large color images for your enjoyment!

April 2009
Connections: Small Tapestry International opens at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles on May 10th 2 - 4 pm. Show runs May 5 to July 26, 2009.
American Tapestry Biennial Eight will open in 2010. Entry Forms are now available online. Time to weave!
ATA Award for Excellence in Tapestry given to Margaret Swanson for her tapestry Red Sails in the Sunset
Order your Connections: Small Tapestry International Catalogs.

March 2009
New Educational Article "Glossary of Tapestry Terms"
New Web Gallery Exhibition "LAND"
Tapestry Topics Online gives you color images for the latest issue, Spring 2009 v35 n1. Enjoy!

January 2009
ATA's Student Award opens up applications for 2009 using our guidelilnes listed here. Application deadline: April 15th.
New Artist Pages for Pam Gibson.
Educational Workshop: Toolkit of Tapestry Techniques taught by Christine Laffer coincides with opening of Connections: Small Tapestry International this coming May.

News from 2008

December 2008: New Artist Pages for Terri Stewart and Sarah Warren.
• ATA Award for Excellence in Tapestry went to Tommye Scanlin for her tapestry ...to the essence of every nature... in Asheville, NC.

November 2008: The latest edition of Tapestry Topics Online (Winter 2008 volume 34 number 4) with a beautiful selection of color images exceeding those in the print version.
Connections deadline extended to postmark of December 1st.

October 2008: ATA Award for Excellence in Tapestry given to Alexandra Friedman for her tapestry Flow 3.

September 2008: New Artist Pages for Martha Christian, Louise Halsey and Ruth ManningNewest Education Article "Inspiration & Creativity" curated by Mary Lane with four select artists. In conjuction, Lane curated ATA Web Gallery's "Inspiration & Creativity" exhibition. Together, they offer a unique in-depth experience of these artists' work.

August 2008: New Artist Pages for Bobbi Chamberlain, Ulrika Leander and Regina Vorgang.
• Our 2008 Award for Excellence in Tapestry has gone to artists Irisa Blumate and Jennie Lee Henderson.
• Our Annual Report for 2008 in .pdf can be found in the Members section under Archived Documents.

July 2008: Tapestry Topics Online volume 34 number 2 - Summer 2008 is here with color images.

June 2008: New Artist Pages for Deborah Weir.

May 2008: ATA has produced two new catalogs. Place your order for American Tapestry Biennial 7 and Woven Gems today!
• View the work of Lialia Kuchma in our latest in a series of Work Over Time exhibitions exclusively shown in our online gallery.

March 2008: ATA announces a new program for beginning weavers through distance learning: Helping Hands (for Members).
• The latest issue of Tapestry Topics Online has full color images to augment our Spring 2008 printed version.
• New images now on view in David Johnson's Artist Pages.

February 2008: We have updated our Exhibitions section with the new downloadable entry form for Connections 2009.
• View the updated images on Inge Nørgaard's Artist Page.

January 2008: Our Exhibition pages have been reorganized now that ATA has a new juried show planned for 2009: "Connections: Small Tapestry International."
• Convergence 2008 takes place in Tampa, Florida this coming June. Join us there for several events!
• New Artist Pages by Grete Bodøgaard and an update with new images by Lynn Mayne.

News from 2007

December 2007: Tapestry Topics Winter 2007 (Volume 33 Number 4) is now online with excerpts and images!
• New Artist Pages for Dorothea Van De Winkel and Patricia Dunn adds a link to her new site.
• ATA Award for Excellence in Tapestry lists all three 2007 Award Winners.
• 2008 ATA Education Retreat Registration Form with correct dates!
ATA Web Gallery gives more information about this program by publishing its guidelines.

November 2007: The deadline for postmarking your entry submissions for ATB7 approaches - mail them on or before November 30, 2007.
ATA Educator Roster!

October 2007: ATA wants to widen the availability of our ATA Award for Excellence in Tapestry with an explanation of the program and forms.
• New Artist Pages for you to view tapestries by Ann Booth and Lynn Hart, as well as updates to Elizabeth Buckley's pages.

September 2007: Tapestry Topics Online presents excerpts and highlights of our latest issue v33n3. Lots and lots of images.
• Enjoy our latest Tapestry Topics Feature Article compiled by Mary Lane, "Mounting and Hanging Tapestries: A Variety of Solutions."

August 2007: ATA presents Christine Laffer: Lines of Inquiry curated by Mary Lane in our latest Web Gallery exhibition.

July 2007: Artist Pages additions and updates include new participants Mary Colton and Ruth Manning, and new tapestry updates by Pamela Davis and Patricia Dunn.

June 2007: ATA is proud to present the work of Melinda Heal, winner of our ATA Student Award 2007.
• ATA announces that we have a new Distance Learning Program chair: Tommye Scanlin! Learn more about her through our Artist Pages.
• New Artist Pages for Suzanne Pretty and updated pages for Tommye Scanlin. Plus Woven Gems Prospectus available for download in .pdf format. Deadline for submissions is January 15, 2008.

May 2007: The latest edition of Tapestry Topics Online is now available. This is an edited version of our special anniversary edition available to members in full color.
• American Tapestry Biennial 7 Entry Forms are now available for download in .pdf format. Deadline for submissions is November 30, 2007.
• New Artist Pages for Margo Macdonald.

April 2007: Workshop with Susan Martin Maffei set for October 2007 has its Registration Form now available.
• We have a new Feature Article Linda Wallace: Journeys in Art and Tapestry. A very interesting read.
• New Artist Pages with works by Barbara Burns, Alex Friedman and Ruth Jones.

March 2007: The latest edition of Tapestry Topics Online (Spring 2007 v33n1) is available for our members to enjoy.

February 2007: ATA sends out invitations for its Silver Anniversary Celebration. Please join us for this event April 27 through 29th at the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, San Jose, California. ATA also announces its Silver Anniversary Fundraiser with donations awarded with a chance to win a tapestry by Barbara Heller.

January 2007: Barbara Heller: Work Over Time opens in our ATA Web Gallery. Show runs through May 2007.
• Updated Artist Pages by Carol Chave with new work.
• The latest edition of Tapestry Topics Online (Winter 2006 v32n4) is available for our members to enjoy.

News from 2006

December 2006: Our latest exhbition online in our ATA Web Gallery opens with Tapestry on the Edge.
• New Artist Pages by Klaus Anselm and Pamela Davis. Take a look at their work!

November 2006: New Artist Pages by Kathy Perkins and Kathe Todd-Hooker with recent images of new tapestries.
Tapestry Stolen

This piece by Kathe Todd-Hooker was stolen from the Albany City Hall, 333 Broadalbin, Albany, OR 97321. It was in an Oregon Crafted exhibition. It was stolen on October 26, 2006 at about 11:00 AM. Please contact Teresa Johnson at Albany City Hall, 1-541- 917-7500 if you have any information about this tapestry. It is called "Variations on a Theme – Sky Paused to Sigh" and measures 3 inches by 10 inches.

September 2006: The latest edition of Tapestry Topics Online (Fall 2006 v32n3) is available.

July 2006: New ATA Web Gallery exhibition opens! Fractured Landscapes curated by Janet Austin and featuring the work of Suzanne Pretty, July - October, 2006.
• Catalog available for American Tapestry Biennial Six.

June 2006: New Artist Pages from Joyce Hayes now online.
Tapestry Topics v32n2 Summer issue now online.
GRAND IDEAS - Small Format Tapestries available for your enjoyment online, through a website designed by students at Kendall College of Art and Design.

May 2006: ATA presents its first ATA Student Award to Mary Caitlin Sellers of Richmond, Virginia.
• American Tapestry Alliance announces its General Bi-annual Meeting 2006 set for Grand Rapids, MI, July 1, 2006.

February 2006: Mark Adams, known as an artist and tapestry designer, died at home in San Francisco on Tuesday, January 28, 2006 after a brief illness at the age of 80.

As reported in the San Francisco Chronicle: "Mr. Adams was known for the grace and delicacy of his spare, single-object still life pictures, and for the big stained-glass windows and tapestries he was commissioned to create for churches, synagogues, libraries and office buildings around the Bay Area. He made stained-glass windows for Temple Emanu-El and Grace Cathedral in San Francisco and the Lafayette-Orinda United Presbyterian Church, among others, and did tapestries for such diverse places as the San Francisco International Airport, the Marina branch of the San Francisco Public Library and the Dallas Fairmont Hotel."


See our list of Workshops under Calendar.

Correspondence course for Tapestry – Program run by the South West Institute of TAFE, Warrnambool, Victoria Australia, is a 6 yr part time course which includes art subjects, drawing, design, painting, printing, photography along with textile technology, plus the all year units on weaving. I think it is now called a Diploma of Art - Tapestry. check out the website, Marie Cook is the main lecturer for this course. www.swtafe.vic.edu.au/


See our list of Publications under Calendar.