Award for Excellence in Tapestry
– 2011 Elizabeth Buckley
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ATA Award for Excellence in Tapestry

Tapestry Artist Receives Award in 2011

ATA Award Winner: Elizabeth Buckley

     The ATA Award was proudly presented to Elizabeth Buckley for her tapestry Dialogues Through the Veil at the exhibition "Fiber Celebrated 2011" organized by the Intermountain Weavers Conference at the Center of Southwest Studies gallery, Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorado, July 21st thru September 24, 2011.


below: Elizabeth Buckley,
Dialogues Through the Veil, 2010, 48" x 25"
Materials: moth-proofed crewel weight wools, pearl cotton, embroidery floss,
silk, on cotton twine warp

Elizabeth Buckley tapestry Dialogues Through the Veil


The space between now and then
Like a window
Into the moment,
Inviting the presence of
Mary, the poet,
Ann, the peacemaker,
And so many others,
To leave traces
Of their thoughts
In these threads.

Currents of time and air
Into this veil of mist and memory;
This waterfall of light
On cottonwood leaves
Beside my studio.

400 hours made visible.
Like beach patterns
Of ocean on sand.


Artist's Statement

With a background including multiple-harness production weaving and a degree in art, Elizabeth bridges both the weaving and art worlds. In her teaching she demonstrates how design principles and color theory relate to tapestry making. She draws from multiple tapestry traditions to provide her students with the technique vocabulary for finding and expressing their own unique voice.

Elizabeth lives in the high desert southwest of Albuquerque, New Mexico, amid the Navajo and Hispanic Rio Grande weaving traditions. She was curator of the international show “Dialogues: Tapestry and Human/Nature,” on exhibit in conjunction with Convergence, when held in Albuquerque, July 2010. (Review in “Tapestry Topics”, winter 2010 issue). Her tapestries have been shown in numerous juried and invitational exhibitions through out the United States and Canada. She has written articles for “Tapestry Topics” and been published in: FiberArts Design Book Five and Carol K. Russell’s The Tapestry Handbook: the Next Generation.

In addition, Elizabeth is a dancer of modern dance, singer and writer. All of these disciplines inform and enter into her work as an artist.

Elizabeth’s approach to tapestry making involves working in multiple layers and dimensions to create visual poems of blended colors and light. Thematic in her work is the undercurrent of time in terms of millennia; time of the forces which molded earth’s canyons and mesas, oceans and mountains; time filled with the spirits of those who have come before.

Biographical Information

     Elizabeth J. Buckley is a second-generation tapestry artist who has been weaving for over forty years. “My mother showed my ten-year-old hands the realm of threads moving over-and-under taut warp, to create shapes and forms imbedded in woven cloth.”

Elizabeth first wove tapestry based on the Mexican and Rio Grande techniques, and then expanded into those of Peter Collingwood’s rug weaving. “I wove from the gut, without preplanning. When my designs grew too complex to hold all the details in my head, I knew it was time to find a way to create a road map that would allow space for what the tapestry wanted to be. This quest led me to studying French tapestry, which ultimately became the place of resonance for my tapestry voice.”

While her initial introduction to French tapestry came via workshops in the United States taught by Jean Pierre Larochette and Yael Lurie, it was her studies with Gisèle and Henri Brivet in Aubusson, France, which significantly deepened and refined her understanding of Aubusson tapestry. Elizabeth is passionately devoted to preserving these vanishing techniques, not only through her own tapestries, but in her teaching as well.