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Summer 2010 Vol 36 No 2
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compiled by Merna Strauch

Mary Zicafoose is one of five Americans to have work in the 13th International Triennial of Tapestry, May 10 - October 31 at the Central Museum of Textiles in Lodz, Poland. . . . “Blue Print”, an ikat triptych . . . [is] part of her series exploring and referencing personal identity. It contains the fingerprints of the couple who commissioned it, entailing tying and untying almost 60,000 knots for the ikat panels.

below: Mary Zicafoose, "Blue Print," 85 x 82" ikat triptych


Mary Zicafoose, Blue Print

Pam Patrie installed “Horace Poem”, her new tapestry illustrating a poem by the Roman poet Horace, in a private home in Oregon. . . . Pam worked at 8 epi and used cotton, wool, and a simple acrylic white knitting yarn that someone left at her cabin. She says it is so white and slightly sparkly that it just had to be the snow on the roof of the house.

below: Pam Patrie, "Horace Poem," 4 x 5', cotton, wool, and acrylic

Pam Patrie, Horace Poem


You bet we are interested...

by Julie Barnes

Gracias! A number of members have sent e-mails about their article ideas and willingness to coordinate themes for upcoming issues. . .

Winter issue theme: Weaving with Handspun Yarns
Coordinator: Stanley Bulbach
Contact Stanley through his website ( if you would like to participate.
Submission deadline: October 1

Please consider sharing your time and talents while exploring your tapestry network as theme coordinator for one of these upcoming issues:


If those themes aren’t your cup of tea . . . Send your ideas to Julie Barnes (



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Summer 2010 Vol 36 No 2
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