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Winter 2009 Vol 35 No 4
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Ellen Ramsey: Many Thanks!

by Mary Lane

Alongside her work for ATA, Ellen has continued to mature as a talented weaver and creative artist. Her tapestry,“Rift,” was accepted intoAmerican Tapestry Biennial 6.

We all look forward to seeing what comes off Ellen’s loom now that she has more time to devote to weaving.

below: Volunteer extraordinaire, Ellen Ramsey

Ellen Ramsey

below: Ellen Ramsey, Rift

Ellen Ramsey, "Rift"
below: Ellen Ramsey, Coffee Cup

Ellen Ramsey, "Coffee Cup"


below: Ellen Ramsey, Rumination I

Ellen Ramsey, "Rumination I"
below: Ellen Ramsey, Rumination II

Ellen Ramsey, "Rumination II"

Pat Williams: Award of Excellence

by Merna Strauch

Pat Williams’ “Bugs on Parade” paraded right into the winner’s circle to take the ATA Award of Excellence at the recent Tapestry Weavers South (TWS) exhibit in Anderson, South Carolina. “Bugs on Parade” is woven in the same humorous vein as many of Pat’s tapestries.

below: Pat Williams, Bugs on Parade, 18 x 38.5”, 2009, seine twine warp, silk, wool, novelty weft yarns

Pat Williams "Bugs on Parade"


Kathe Todd-Hooker: Award of Excellence

by Merna Strauch

The winner of the ATA Award of Excellence at the recent Intermountain Weavers’ Conference (IWC) in Durango, Colorado, was Kathe Todd-Hooker from Albany, Oregon.  Kathe says when she designs tapestry, color and/or stories are based on questions dictated by symbols of her past.

below: Kathe Todd Hooker, So Sought After, 10 x 14.5”, 2009, dual duty craft thread warp, embroidery floss, Sulky metallics, linen embroidery floss, cotton darning threads, sewing thread, rayon embroidery floss


Kathe Todd Hooker, "So Sought After"


by Merna Strauch

The Tapestry Weavers South exhibit through October 16 at the Anderson Arts Center in Anderson, South Carolina (see the last issue of TT) produced some winners. Several awards were given out by juror/art critic Cecile Martin including the HGA Award to Susan Iverson for “Dream Sequence.”

Kathe Todd-Hooker’s “So Sought After” won the ATA Award for Excellence at the Intermountain Weavers Conference while Lyn Hart’s “Canyon Nights” was awarded People’s Choice.

below: Susan Iverson, Dream Sequence


Susan Iverson, "Dream Sequence"
below: Lyn Hart, Canyon Night

Lyn Hart "Canyon Night"
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Winter 2009 Vol 35 No 4
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