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Winter 2009 Vol 35 No 4
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The Silvia Heyden Experience

by Lyn Hart

Simplicity of form. Purity of color. Minimal motifs woven in repetitive patterns. These basic concepts, which echo the disciplined tenets of the Bauhaus, have been masterfully worked into vibrant and complex designs on Silvia Heyden’s loom for decades. Heyden taught a workshop entitled “Tapestry: Art Form of its Own” in Mendocino, California. After she greeted us by stating, “Tapestry is something old I want to make new again,” fourteen students attempted to absorb in five days what it has taken Silvia a lifetime to understand and what she continues to explore.

below: Heyden discusses weaving technique she used in “Eno from Above” displayed at Flockworks Studio Gallery.

Silvia Heyden Workshop

below: Students work on their Color-Aid design exercises while Silvia observes.

Silvia Heyden Workshop, color aid paper
below: At the Mendocino Art Gallery, Silvia lectures on the inspiration and techniques used for weaving “Lago Maggiore” (right) and “Translucent” (left).

Silvia Heyden Workshop lecture
below: Silvia Heyden, “Translucent” (detail)

Silvia Heyden detail "Translucent"
below: Silvia Heyden, “Eno from Above” (detail)

Silvia Heyden detail "Eno from Above"
below: Silvia displays and discusses her pick and pick sampler.

Silvia Heyden Sample of pick and pick
below: Silvia Heyden, “Lago Maggiore” (detail)

Silvia Heyden detail Lago Maggiore
below: The workshop touring Pacific Textile Arts

Silvia Heyden Workshop tour

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Winter 2009 Vol 35 No 4
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