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Winter 2009 Vol 35 No 4
A Quarterly Review of Tapestry Art Today
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On the 90th Anniversary of the Bauhaus Movement

by Silvia Heyden

This question of what inspires me goes to the very core of my beliefs about the essence of tapestry weaving and takes me back to my roots in the Bauhaus tradition.   I would like to offer my personal interpretation of the key elements as they relate to my work. For our diploma project, we were required to choose a motif from nature and apply its design to a number of art forms. This is a quintessential Bauhaus way of seeing the world around us because it forced us to observe how we had to change the motif to adapt to the chosen art medium, all while keeping it intact and staying true to the fundamentals of color and form.

below: Sylvia Heyden, Bauhaus ceramic bowl, undated

Silvia Heyden, Bauhaus Bowl


below: Silvia Heyden, Passacaglia, 8” x 21”, 1978

Silvia Heyden, Passacaglia

below: Silvia Heyden, Plumage, 36” x 48”, 1994

Silvia Heyden, Plumage
below: Silvia Heyden, Banana Plantation, 60” x 120”
Silvia Heyden, Banana Plantation

below: Silvia Heyden, Drumroll, 60” x 60”, 1990

Silvia Heyden, Drumroll

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Tapestry Topics Online
Winter 2009 Vol 35 No 4
A Quarterly Review of Tapestry Art Today

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