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Fall 2009 Vol 35 No 3
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Review "Toolkit of Tapestry Techniques" Workshop

by A. L. Woods

The ATA sponsored workshop "Toolkit of Tapestry Techniques," May 11 - 13, 2009 was a great experience. Christine Laffer taught the workshop, with Mary Lane, ATA's education committee coordinator, assisting. . . . in a wonderful venue, the San Jose Museum of Quilt and Textiles. This workshop was really three in one. Each student chose one area: Fundamentals, Color Manipulations, or Specializations, which Christine customized for us to eccentric and shaped weaving. . . .As in all weaving classes on technique, we were focused on weaving enough to get the most possible out of the class instruction. . . Exhausted but happy and eager to get home, to our own looms, and use the skills acquired in the class.


below left: Sarah Warren, workshop sampler of eccentric tapestry weaving
below center:
Barbara Golding, workshop sampler from the color class
below far right:
Erica Diazoni, workshop sampler from the basics class


Class Sampler by Sarah Warren
Class Sampler by Barbara Golding
Class Sampler by Erica Diazoni


below: Students weaving at Christine Laffer’s “Toolkit of Tapestry Techniques” Workshop


Busy Hands at Toolkit of Tapestry Techniques Class


below: Christine Laffer’s “Toolkit of Tapestry Techniques” Workshop Group Photo
front row, left to right: Nancy Corkery, Marcy Fraker, Phyllis Coffield, Barbara Golding, Marcia Ellis
back row, left to right: Alicia Woods, Christine Laffer, Louise Abbott, Sarah Warren, Eve Pearce, Erica Diazoni


Group Photo for Christine Laffer's Toolkit of Tapestry Techniques Workshop




Compiled by Merna Strauch

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Merna Strauch’s Echoes, took first place at Fiber Open, one of four concurrent exhibits comprising Focus On Fiber II, at the Studio Channel Islands Art Center, Camarillo, California, May 16 – July 3. Echoes combines ikat, wedge weave, and traditional tapestry techniques.


below: Merna Strauch, Echoes, 14" x 12", 2008; wool warp and weft, acid dyes


Echoes by Merna Strauch





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Fall 2009 Vol 35 No 3
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