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Fall 2009 Vol 35 No 3
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Why Do I Exhibit?

by Terri Stewart

Do I enter shows because I have a visual statement I want to share with the world? . . . because I want to reach out and let people know that tapestry is still the cloth of kings and worth collecting? . . . to weave and share my images for the fun of it? I say yes to all these reasons. Does entering a show scare me? Not any more, but it used to. . . .I no longer worry about being accepted or rejected from a show. . . . each juror is different and has a different vision of . . . the exhibit . . . Several of my rejected pieces have been accepted into other shows. . . . Sometimes if you wait long enough, a good idea pays off with a better weaving.


below: Terri Stewart, Hot Flash, 9" x 10", 2009


Hot Flash by Terri Stewart


below: Terri Stewart, Hot Flash, detail


detail of Hot Flash by Terri Stewart


below: Terri Stewart, Hot Flash, unassembled


unassembled Hot Flash by Terri Stewart



Destined to Continue Exhibiting

By Lynn Mayne

The juried show can be affirming or discouraging, but only by entering can one get the chance to be accepted. . . . Viewing your work displayed among other artwork can help you recognize strengths and weaknesses that can offer ideas to be developed and new directions to be followed. It is good to meet other artists and weavers in the gallery . . . talk with the viewing audience . . . gain perspective away from the studio. . . Entering exhibitions is the way for any artist to achieve exposure, validation, and possible recognition. A tapestry on display is the chief way that others can learn about the medium and value what we do as tapestry artists.


below: Lynn Mayne, Goddess Power, 8.5" x 11";
an early award winning piece that features a goddess image from Turkish kilims repeated at the top


Mixing Bowl by Lynn Mayne


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Fall 2009 Vol 35 No 3
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