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Summer 2008 Vol 34 No 3
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One Tapestry’s Journey
By Elisabeth Quick

When Monique Lehman began her most recent tapestry commission … a full year lay in front of her to conceive and execute the piece.  The commission for the ark curtain (known as a parochet) came from Temple Beth El in La Jolla, California, and was to be the focal point of their new sanctuary.…

… A range of deep reds in the body and warm reds in the border … evoke the remembrance of blood in the Jewish people’s history, The motifs of vines and flowers … refer to the many roads and interwoven journeys that the Jewish people have traveled over the centuries.  At the bottom of the tapestry Hebrew letters … read, “Awesome is this place.” … Monique began weaving the tapestry in August of 2007, and I joined her in September on the weekends.

below: Monique Lehman, Tapestry ark curtain, 13’ x 8’  2008 commissioned for Temple Beth El in La Jolla, California

below: Monique Lehman, Tapestry ark curtain, detail

Volunteers Make It Happen: Tommye McClure Scanlin
By Lyn Hart

Tommye McClure Scanlin joined ATA twenty years ago this year.  During that time, she has committed a great deal of her time, energies and talents fulfilling crucial volunteer roles.…

“… Twenty years into this process of trying to weave tapestry I feel some confidence in my ability to weave almost anything I’d like to in the way of images.  And I can thank time passing and the fantastic teacher/mentors I’ve had along the way for that. …”

below: Tommye Scanlin, To the Essence of Every Nature, 53" x 33" 2007 wool, cotton

ATA Award: Jennie Lee Henderson
By Merna Strauch

The Conference of Northern California Handweavers (CNCH) honored Jennie Lee Henderson of Gualala, California, with the ATA Award for Excellence in Tapestry for “Reflections.”…

[Jennie] works … without a cartoon … The design usually develops in the first three to six inches, the texture and colors of the wool blending with her idea to guide the pattern. The “Reflections” tapestry rug was woven in this way.  Jennie says she envisioned a push and pull between the colors, creating an impression of reflections on water.

below: Jennie Henderson, Reflections, 38" x 60" 2006 Jennie’s handspun wool, linen warp

ATA Award of Excellence: Irisa Blumate
By Linda Rees

Irisa Blumate of Riga, Latvia, won the ATA Award for Excellence for her tapestry “Uluru” in the “Land: Tapestry Foundation of Victoria Award Exhibition” in conjunction with the Tapestry 2008 symposium in Canberra, Australia in May.

Wendy Teakel commented on the item she and fellow juror, Sara Lindsey, picked for the award: … It seems fitting that an emblem of Australian land with all its complexities of meaning should be awarded the ATA Prize. … This work has a sense of celebration about it. Visually luscious colour and texture presents us with a tactile immediacy appropriate for the wonderful hands-on experience of tapestry. The symbolic imagery of Uluru fulfills all aspects of the intentions of the “Land” prize referencing spirit, ownership, ecology, society and economy.

below: Irisa Blumate, Uluru, 10 cm. x 44 cm. 2008 wool, synthetics


Terri Stewart was awarded First Place in HGA’s Small Expressions 2008 for “Old Man,” a tapestry mounted in the manner of a Hindu Prayer Wheel. It was woven at 26epi with a quilting thread weft. 

below: Terri Stewart, Old Man, 14" x 6" diameter 2007

Suzanne Pretty was selected at the New Hampshire 2007 Governors Arts Awards as an Individual Arts Patron Award recipient to create a piece for the Bloomfield Family. Suzanne worked with the theme of the fractured landscape in her paper weaving, “Soaring Above the Divided Landscape.” … The multi-layered paper weaving is a stack of forest-blocks precariously stacked on gravel against the forest background with a soaring eagle.

below: Suzanne Pretty, Soaring Above the Divided Landscape, 2007 New Hampshire 2007 Governors Arts Awards Individual Arts Patron Award

A detail of “Promethean Dreams” (ATB6) by Linda Wallace was selected as the cover illustration for Minds of Our Own:  Inventing Feminist Scholarship and Women’s Studies in Canada, 1966-76. Published by Wilfrid Laurier Press, the book contains short autobiographical essays by women who played a pivotal, pioneering role in establishing Canadian feminist scholarship.

below: Linda Wallace, detail of  Promethean Dreams used in book cover design.

N e w s l e t t e r o f t h e A m e r i c a n T a p e s t r y A l l i a n c e

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