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Summer 2008 Vol 34 No 3
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Let’s Get Small
By Lyn Hart

Weaving small format … happened through circumstance … my husband and I make regular trips in a small camper to our mountain property in southern New Mexico. … The loom had to … fit in with everything else. … When I found the courage to enter my first exhibit … all works had to be 4" x 6"…

The words of one person [during an artists’ reception] … really helped dissolve any doubts I had about weaving “small” landscapes.  She [said] I had taken a very large subject and distilled it down to its essence, accurately depicting its grandeur, yet creating an intimacy that drew the viewer in.  

below: Lyn Hart, at the loom during a New Mexico camping trip; 2007, Cox Canyon, Cloudcroft, New Mexico

below: Lyn Hart, Desert Birds Postcard Series: Verdin, 4" x 6" 2007; bamboo, linen, silk, natural and synthetic dyed wool

below: Lyn Hart, Recuerdos de Georgia, 10" x 14" 2007; bamboo, natural and synthetic dyed wool, photographic image printed on cotton twill, silk paper

below: Lyn Hart, Desert Island - Espíritu Santo,  9.5" x 8" 2007; bamboo, cotton, rayon, sea silk, wool

below: Lyn Hart, Earth & Sky,  10" x 10.5" 2007; cotton, natural & synthetic dyed wool

Thinking Small
By Mary Dieterich

 “Small” is no stranger in my life.  Having spent a great amount of time working in the biological sciences, viewing life behind a microscope, I am comfortable in the environment of things small scale.…

Working small is consistent with the way I view the immensity of the world around me. … I trust the nature of the small to inform me about the reality of the grand.

below: Mary Dieterich, Water Slide,  5.75" x 7"  1999  Photo by John H. Dieterich

below: Mary Dieterich, Chinese Lanterns 4 x 4.5"  2006 Photo by John H. Dieterich

below: Mary Dieterich, Frankly Red, 5.75” x 6.75”  2002 Photo by John H. Dieterich

below: Mary Dieterich, Night Light 7" x 3.5"  2004 Photo by John H. Dieterich

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