Fall 2007 Vol 33 No 3

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ATA's Silver Anniversary Tour photos

below: Jan Austin, Michael Rohde, Ruth Jones and Bobbi Chamberlain relax outside the Larochette studio.
below: Jean Pierre Larochette at Aubusson style loom in his studio.

below: A glimpse of the crowd at the Larochette studio.
below: Another glimpse, with Marti Fleischer and Jan Moore in the foreground

below: Barbara Heller in conversation with Yael Lurie.
below: Alex Friedman and Sashio Ioyama chat.

below: Yael Lurie and Olga Neuts.

below: Becky Sevens, Ellen Ramsey and Mary Lane.

below: Frederico Chavez Sosa looks intently at the loom as he sits next to Jean Pierre.
below: Close up of a tapestry on display in the Larochette studio

below: Lunch at Tricia Goldberg's home. Bev Hunt is in partial view with Joanna Foslien and Mary Lane.
below: Barbara Beerstein with Janet Chavez Santiago, other clusters in background.

below: Eric Chavez, Janet Chavez Santiago, and Frederico Chavez Sosa, the Zapotec weavers who had work at the museum during the time of the exhibit and attended the Celebration.

below: A colorful Patricia Dunn at Tricia's.
Who is in the lovely pink hat and stole?

below: After lunch activity.

below: Bobbi Chamberlain and Tricia Goldberg.
below: Andrea Butler and Becky Stevens.

below: Jim and Tricia relax on bench.
below: Tricia's studio as she talks with Hannelore Cole and another weaver.

Photo credits Marianne Haller, Ruth Jones and Alex Friedman.

Addendum to Tapestry Topics, "Then and Now" summer issue, v.33 no.2
A Look Into ATA's History: 1993-1996 By Marti Fleischer

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