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Fall 2007 Vol 33 No 3

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ATA's Silver Anniversary Celebration photos

below: Linda Rees and Joyce Hayes
at the registration table
below: At the podium, Deborah Corsini, curator at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles begins introductions. Becky Stevens is standing below tapestry by Joanna Foslien. Deborah did a stellar job of hanging the exhibit.

below: Jean Pierre Larochette before the lights went out for our first of three slide presentations.
below: The intent crowd with tapestries by Ibolya Hegyi, Shelley Socolofsky, Lialia Kuchma, and Joan Baxter on display

below: Panel members, Christine Laffer, Barbara Heller, Jim Brown, Judy Schuster,
Marti Fleischer, Joan Griffin and moderator, Mary Lane.

below: Jim Brown begins the discussion with Christine Laffer's tapestry as the backdrop.

below: Making a point.

below: Marti marking ATA's progress.

below: Judy Schuster, Lyn Hart, Beverly Hunt, Joan Griffin and Patricia Dunn during a break.

below: Christine and Barbara.
below: Panorama of ATA members at the Agenda restaurant during the celebration.

below: In the foreground, Jim Brown, Virginia Salsbury, Marti Fleischer, and Lany Eila face Sonja Miremont, Bobbi Chamberlain, Kathe Todd-Hooker and Elizabeth Buckley

below: Myla Collier, Becky Stevens with
Monique Lehman and her husband.

below: One of the day's speakers, Melissa Leventon is in red. ATB6 Juror Lotus Stack, sits to her left next to Susan Hart Henegar.

below: The fiber sculpture looms above diners.

below: Do weavers gesture more than most people?
below: Studying the work of Kristin Sæterdal with Barbara Burns' tapestry nearby.

below: Linda Wallace at the podium preparing for the raffle.
below: Listening and waiting for the drawing. Barbara Heller stands ready to pull out the name

bellow: Brenda Smith and Margaret Turner take a good look
at the Heller tapestry that was won by Doreen Trudel.

Photo credits Ann Lane Hedlund and Marianne Haller

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