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Fall 2006, Vol 32 No 3


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Monique Lehman's Tour de Force

by Linda Rees

– TT p.7

By using woven monofilament fishing line to overlay the image, Monique Lehman has created a remarkably effective innovation in the tapestry "Heartsong of American Hero Mattie Stepanek." . . . Technically, Lehman rotated the tapestry, forming a new warp of monofilament over portions of the image and proceeded to needle weave with the fishing line in selected areas across the original work.

below: Monique Lehman, Heartsong of American Hero Mattie Stepanek, 56" x 30" x 3", 2005

Besides being in  ATB6 and the small format exhibit, Grand Ideas, she won first place in "Celebration!," an HGA exhibit featuring spiritual work.  The tapestry  "Empty Space Filled with Particles that Perpetually Pop In and Out of Existance" was woven on a single layer of monofilament in a more conventional manner.  In addition, she had two items juried into the fashion show, which were used to give a dramatic beginning to the event, and two small works in the "Cutting Edge Grandeur" multi-medial exhibit also sponsored by HGA.

below: Monique Lehman, Empty Space Filled with Particles that Perpetually Pop In and Out of Existence
below: Monique Lehman, Cape
below: Monique Lehman, Pele from the Clouds that Move in the Sky dress

Congratulations are in order for very productive 2006 Convergence endeavors.

Energy: The Tapestries of Shelley Socolofsky

by Linda Rees

– TT p.8-9

"Incantation" and "Well of Surrender" by Shelley Socolofsky, were two of the most talked about tapestries in the "American Tapestry Biennial 6" exhibit.  The large tapestries emit energy, and reveal astoundingly vibrant color interplay alongside very muted and grayed out blending; all compacted into complex narratives, ripe for interpretation. . . . Part of the success of Socolofsky's particular form of fragmenting images is that she uses sharp vertical or horizontal transitions to simulate collage/manipulation of otherwise quite organic settings.

below: Shelley Socolofsky, Incantations, 65" x 36", 2005

The decision to return for an MFA was influenced by the opportunity to learn Jacquard weaving. . . Shelley remains decidedly committed to tapestry weaving but feels it is worth exploring other, quicker, methods for potential commission work. She is convinced that the quality could never be as rich without the artist’s hand in the ongoing weaving.

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