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Fall 2006, Vol 32 No 3


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Notes from "The Way In" Retreat

Rita Landau: Sharon Marcus Workshop

– TT p.5

Sharon's approach was very thoughtful, provoking, and tantalizing, challenging all of us to explore one of three suggested topics: They were: text as a starting point using one of the following words: Palimpsest, i.e., re-used writing material that retains evidence of previous text; Diaphanous, or a texture so fine it appears transparent; and Sense of Place, using word association to consider how the smell or sound of a particular place might look.

below: Jan Austin confers with Kathe Todd-Hooker while Tommye Scanlin listens to Sharon Marcus.
below: Rita Landau, Sharon Marcus and Priscilla Lynch

On the second day, the walls around the room were filled with wonderful creations, and we each had the opportunity to present our ideas, and to receive further suggestions and friendly comments from one another.

Barbara Burns:  Jane Kidd Workshop

– TT p.5

Jane began our class by handing out an "idea map" consisting of a list of questions that give you a framework for expression, and facilitate a personal dialogue to develop a design using key words, symbols, patterns and other images found in research and exploration.  You also record technical data such as scale, color, and techniques.

below: Idea map
below: Christine Spangler and Jane Kidd
below: Alex Friedman ponders what Eve Pearce has to say.
below: Barbara Burns and Betsy Snope discuss a project with Donald Burns
below: Diane Wolf, Janet Austin, Barbara Burns and Eve Pearce

With the walls covered with our designs in process, Jane stressed the need for the group to not critique at this point, simply to offer insights and suggestions.  Experiencing group comment time was inspiring and thought provoking.  There was a great deal of sharing and a sense of equality. . . I found Jane to be insightful, sensitive and non-judgmental.  She always managed to boil something down to its essence and explained her ideas clearly and concisely.

Betsy Snope: Susan Iverson Workshop

– TT p.6

Susan Iverson's section . . . started with an introduction and review of her handout. Topics included: "Where do Ideas come from?",  "Categories of Subject Matter," and "Developing the Idea into Image." She emphasized the need to "draw, draw, draw!"

below: Sharon Crary and Susan Iverson
below: Pat Williams
below: Meeting at the copy machine, Jeanne Bohlen and Ellen Ramsey

Each exercise was wall-mounted and critiqued by the group. One of the exercises involved bringing a favorite poem or quote, sharing it with the group, then making a collage, avoiding illustration of the poem, while retaining meaning for the reader/viewer. The various exercises were interspersed with slide presentations of art and nature. . . We all had opportunities to speak individually with Susan about our current and proposed projects.

A collection of images from "The Way In" banquet.

below: Bev Kent, Sharon Marcus, Susan Iverson, Sharon Crary, Mary Cost
below: Jane Kidd, Beth Hebert, Donald Burns, Rita Landau, Eve Pearce
below: Priscilla Lynch, Tommye Scanlin, Diane Wolf, Pat Williams, Nancy Crampton
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