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Fall 2006, Vol 32 No 3


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ATA Student Award Recipient

– TT p.3

Mary Caitlin Sellers, a textile student of Susan Iverson at the Virginia Commonwealth University, has been selected by the Board of American Tapestry Alliance as the first winner of the American Tapestry Alliance Student Award.

above: Mary Caitlin Sellers
below: Mary Caitlin Sellers, State of Mind II – February, 10" x 35" x 1", 2006, tapestry with pile weave, rayon weft, linen warp

Caitie was inspired to weave as a young child by watching her great grandmother weave on a counter balance loom. Intrigued by the complex machine she enrolled in weaving classes to learn how to use it.  She soon realized she wanted more creativity than what pattern weaving allows. She transferred to VCU to study tapestry and jewellery making.  She will graduate with a double concentration in textiles and metals in 2008. Her future plans may include graduate school and possibly teaching in a craft school. We wish her all the best in her future career as a tapestry artist.

"Grand Ideas" Small Format Tapestries are Grand

by Deborah Corsini

– TT p.3-4

Of the myriad textile exhibitions at Convergence 2006 in Grand Rapids, MI, the ATA sponsored Small Format tapestry exhibit, "Grand Ideas," was the most charming and engaging to see.

below: Urban Jupena, Swimming
below: Urban Jupena, Swimming detail showing bead "bubbles"

"Swimming" by Urban Jupena . . . pictures a solitary figure swimming through sunlit water. Woven in embroidery floss it shimmers with the addition of tiny beads like water bubbles that sparkle in sunlight. This tapestry perfectly captures the effervescence of splashy foam and the reflection of light on water on a hot summer day.

below: Barbara Arrighi, Warped Mind - A Self Portrait

Barbara Arrighi's "Warped Mind – A Self Portrait," is a charming, expressive tapestry portrait. The face, divided by color as if to reveal mixed emotions, has a quizzical, funny expression that we all can relate to . . . The area above the eyebrows and below the hair is unwoven, exposing the warps, a peak through the brow to the brain and to our collective weavers' joke – are you warped? . . . Handsomely depicted, . . . Susan Martin-Maffei's "Views Near Mme. Touitous – The Craigs," [presents] an interior window with a delicately woven textured, transparent curtain.

below: Susan Martin-Maffei, Views Near Mme. Touitou's – The Craigs

Though there are so many other tapestries that I could mention, I particularly liked "River City" by Priscilla Lynch. Her imagery, an illustrative and beautifully patterned depiction of architecture, water and sky is rich with color, pattern and playful design. The red sculpture towering by the water's edge reminds me of how important art is to our community and to our lives.

below: Priscilla Lynch, River City

Lynch also did an exceptional job chairing and organizing this year's small format exhibit.

below: Grand Ideas as seen from the mezzanine.
below: Grand Ideas view towards the back wall.
below: Visitors to Grand Ideas view video display.
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