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Summer 2006, Vol 32 No 2

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Volunteers Make It Happen

by Mary Lane

– TT p.21-22

The strength and diversity of the American Tapestry Alliance's programming depends, in so many ways, on the support of its membership.

Newsletter Committee

As a task oriented person who enjoys writing, the multifaceted job of an editor suits Linda Rees well.  She especially enjoys the opportunity to gain a more intimate understanding of the writer’s thoughts that analytical reading brings.

above: Linda Rees

Amidst the commotion and upheaval of a second move in a year, Linda focused herself by weaving a rug design that involved experimentation with color. ...She titled the tapestry "The Trickster's Day" because, despite her best efforts, the piece seemed to exercise its own volition.

above: Linda Rees,  The Trickster's Day, (detail) 68” x 40”, 2006

Anne Clark currently proofreads Tapestry Topics.  Previously she volunteered on the American Tapestry Biennial 4 with Barbara Heller.  During ATB4 she was able to share her interest in tapestry with weavers throughout the world.  She still derives inspiration from the Hungarian tapestries that were shown during Convergence in Vancouver.

above: Anne Clark at the loom.

Anne lives in Victoria, British Columbia and belongs to the Canadian Tapestry Network (CTN) and TAPIS (Tapestry Weavers from Vancouver Island).  Through TAPIS she has been involved in three community tapestry projects, several collaborative ventures and a number of exhibitions.

Anne has been weaving tapestry for thirty years. ...She balances the sedentary nature of weaving with more active pursuits, such as dancing and hiking.  She also enjoys painting, photography and playing the button accordion.

above: Anne Clark, Wall Street, 40" x 15", 2003

As the person in charge of graphic standards, Elinor Steele is responsible for the professional appearance of ATA's documents.  She designed the logo, the letterhead and the layout of Tapestry Topics.  Elinor enjoys solving the puzzle of fitting all of the information and articles into each newsletter.

above: Elinor Steele.

Elinor grew up in a family of artists and began weaving in high school.  She studied fine arts at the University of New Hampshire.  A family friend had studied tapestry with Archie Brennan in Scotland and this inspired Elinor to enroll in the University of Edinburgh for one year in 1972.  She is currently working on a series entitled the "Reconstruction" tapestries.  "These began as a way to express my frustration with the destruction and violence in the world." The designs involve the creation of a balanced, graphic image through the manipulation and reconstruction of fragmented shapes.

above: Elinor Steele, Reconstruction I, 32“ x 53” 
Wool on cotton warp, 2004.
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