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Summer 2006 Vol 32 No 2

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Risk and the Creative Process

by Mary Lane

– TT p.3-6

Personal accounts of creative moments often  focus on a sudden insight, an "Ah, Ha!" experience. Researchers, however, describe the creative process as a series of steps, of which the aforementioned "Eureka" is but one.  A common model involves the following stages: First Insight, Saturation, Incubation, Illumination and Verification (Edwards, Betty. Drawing on the Artist Within. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1986.p.4)

...[R]isk taking may be present in any stage of the creative process, First Insight often involves the most personal risk... Although Wallace does not characterize herself as a risk taker, she does acknowledge the importance of open-ended exploration.  "If you knew where the road was leading, why go down it?  It's the mystery of what might be around the next bend - in art and in life - that ... draws me in." ... Wallace's series on infertility started with an interest in women in European history who were unable to produce an heir. 

above: Linda Wallace,  For the Tears of Queen Anne
82cm x 115cm 1996
below: detail of For the Tears of Queen Anne

[The second stage, called Saturation,] involves researching the area of interest that was discovered during First Insight. The series of artworks that arose from Marcus' experience at Lake Mungo reflect the intersection of physical site and history.  In "Site" she incorporated materials that were, or would have been present, at Lake Mungo and employed weaving and finishing techniques that evoked the landscape. (See Tapestry Topics, Winter, 2004)

above: Sharon Marcus, Site,  16" x 32" x 1" 1998 
wedge weave, tapestry

Part of Wallace's research involves determining how to represent complex social issues in visual form.

above: Linda Wallace, Margaret of Austria: Without Issue,
87cm x 122cm 1999
below: detail of Margaret of Austria: Without Issue
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