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Winter 2005, Vol 31 No 4

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TWS: Focus on Critique

by Becky Stevens

– TT p.18

Tapestry Weavers South (TWS) met at the Bend of Ivy Lodge outside of Asheville, North Carolina for the annual retreat, September 22-25, 2005.  The serenity of the Lodge and the beauty of the surrounding hills and valleys provided a relaxed atmosphere where old friendships were renewed, and new ones were created.  Also, knowledge of tapestry was exchanged and the art of critique was imparted. The retreat was a balance of touring, sharing work and a half day presentation on the methods of critique by Steven Aimone.  

TWS retreat participants, left to right: Terri Stewart, Tommye Scanlin, Marianne Vigander, Pat Williams, Rosemary Smith, Nancy Garretson, Marti Fleischer, Becky Stevens, Judy Bocknek, not show: Janet Hart. Connie Lippert, Holly Wilkes.

On Saturday Steven Aimone, an art coach interviewed in a FIBERARTS article, “The Creative Critique,” April/May 2005, came to the Lodge to teach the basics of critiquing artwork and how to set up several kinds of critique groups.  Members participated in a questionnaire to determine their “art-making orientation”.  Each member rated “purposes”-- for example narrative, formal, or emotive etc.—in terms of importance in their approach to creating art.  Pat Williams was preselected to present a body of work to be examined by the group, guided by Aimone and his check list of “purposes”.  Pat was asked questions based on her answers to the questionnaire, to see if she felt her work demonstrated the qualities she valued most in creating art work.  Aimone responded discussing the degree to which she was accomplishing her intensions.

TWW Symposium: “Tradition in Motion”

by Christine Laffer

– TT p.19

In honor of their 20th year anniversary, Tapestry Weavers West (TWW) organized an exhibition, workshop and symposium,  “Tradition in Motion: New Forms, Attitudes and Approaches in Tapestry."  The events took place during the week of June 15-28, 2005. Between the receptions, special dinners and many impromptu gatherings over food and wine, the anniversary celebration appropriately lasted an entire week.

The exhibition at the Nexus Gallery featured works by 14 artists selected by juror Suzanne Baizerman, Curator of Textiles at the Oakland Museum. The tapestries, some completed over 10 years ago, shared the gallery space with a class in advanced technique tapestry.. . With a stroke of inspiration, Jean Pierre Larochette arranged to bring Philippe Playe, of the Mobilier National of Beauvais France, and Director of the Beauvais Tapestry Museum, to the US to teach [the workshop].

Cartoon for tapestry series on Eustache Le Sueur at Beauvais under the direction of Philippe Playe, 2005

At the end of the week, a daylong symposium took placed on June 25th. Janet Moore, Co-President of TWW, organized "Tradition in Motion" and brought together a fascinating array of invited speakers. Philippe Playe agreed to talk, as did Barbara Heller from Canada, Sharon Marcus from Portland, along with Californians, Jean Pierre Larochette, Sheila O'Hara, and Deborah Valoma.

Playe spoke in French with Larochette translating. . . [One project] currently being woven on the looms at the Beauvais, involves the use of photographic elements layered in window frames as seen on a computer monitor. Combining 18th-century tapestry and contemporary photography, the images play between their existence as archived documents quickly browsed through, and their new existence (which becomes a reiteration) in the final woven tapestry. The traditional portions are woven in true 18th century techniques and the photographic portions are woven with demi-duite (half-pass) systems for achieving pixilated effects.

Member News:
ATA Award of Excellence

by Ellen Ramsey

– TT p.20

ATA Award of Excellence was given to Connie Lippert  at the “ Fiber Celebrated 2005” exhibition in Durango Colorado, for her tapestry “Blue”.  Connie learned to weave in 1975 as an art major at Auburn University and since 1999, her focus has been wedge weave.  She teaches, lectures and is an artist-in-residence in South Carolina public schools. Her work is in museums, corporate, academic and private collections, and published in magazines and the Fiberarts Design Book 7.

Connie Lippert, Blue, 24" x 24", 2004   photo by Robert Lippert
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