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Winter 2005, Vol 31 No 4

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by Monique Lehman

– TT p.9

I create the collages by first surrounding myself with things to which I am attracted and connect them with my sense of beauty, composition, and technical possibilities. I constantly play with things I am attracted to by dying, burning, embossing, pinching, or painting over them. I never consider any of the assemblage elements finished untill I spend hours making them my own.

My designs are unique because sometimes I draw on art from the past and other times I just unconsciously manipulate materials with my hands and add surprising elements to the artwork. I am interested in the process, materials, and the mission of establishing fiber art as part of the mainstream.
Monique Lehman, Indian Summer, 20"x17"

I want to stay mysterious and unpredictable even to myself.  In “Indian Summer,” the felted part has no meaning by itself; I spent a lot of time finding other elements that will make it visually pleasing.  Parts that were woven with acrylic fiber did not felt and still show the grid of the tapestry. Painted screws, vitamin E, amber, knitted velour, and beads were used.  The wooden box was painted with gesso and acrylic paint.  In places, it is covered with gold and silver leaf that has been treated with chemicals to change their shades.

Monique Lehman, Red Hat, 16"x20"
Mohair tapestry was mixed with crochet. Transfer of Vermeer painting. Wooden box was painted with acrilics and covered with gold and silver leaves. Wood branches, natural stones and flash light behind the transparent transfer were used.

Before I design a new project, I always study my favorite artworks. I thought, why not show the public those images that influence me so much?  So I added the photo-transferred images. The presence of well-known masterwork, such as in “Red Hat,” reflects on other elements by color, form, or the mood. A flashlight was placed behind the transparent transfer.

Monique Lehman, Red Hat, 16"x20"
Monique Lehman, Ocean,  18"x18"

“Ocean” is made mostly from elements related to the sea. . . One plate has a drawing by Leonardo de Vinci of the unborn baby on it, and another has a glass bead. The shell has a spiral of wire embracing the varnished frame from the front and back. The tapestry is mounted on the computer circuit board. In this piece I was interested in placing unrelated objects that are visually pleasing and abstract rather then anything symbolic.

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