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Winter 2005, Vol 31 No 4

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The Hello Tapestry

by Marti Fleischer

– TT p.8

In December of 2004, I was asked to weave a tapestry for the registration area of a resort hotel that was under construction.  The date for the Grand Opening was scheduled for the following May, only five months from then, which was insufficient time to weave the desired 4’6” x 8’ tapestry.  The building contractor had liked the “Hello” tapestry when I had shown her my portfolio and thought it would be appropriate for a welcome area.  Its design abstractly spells out H-E-L-L-O.  Since it was not large enough for the space, it was agreed that I would design and weave a second tapestry that would provide the needed larger background.

Marti Fleischer, Hello, 36" x 60", 2002

I went to work designing a background that could blend with the already completed piece. The area in the center was left unwoven simply to save time, but straps were woven at 6” intervals in order to keep the bottom section from sagging. 

Marti Fleischer, Background tapestry for Hello, 54" x 96", 2005

When the tapestry came from the loom, I attached the smaller piece to the larger. . . .  I attached the smaller piece to the background with velcro strips at the top and very lightly sewed the side seams so uneven stretch could take place.  The bottom edge was tacked in a few places to hold it snugly against the larger piece.  I finished the commission in five months.

Marti Fleischer, Layered Hello tapestry, 54" x 96", 2005
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