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Spring 2005, Vol 31 No 1


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Freedom’s Symbol: Feather Tapestries

by Linda Rees and Judy Ness

– TT p14-16

At least ten tapestries and rugs by Judy Nessi were on display 1n a second floor gallery in the Fifth Street Market, Eugene, Oregon. One large 5’ x 8’ geometric rug based on the Fibonocci series was on the wall, two others, including a beautiful, deep red and blue Krokbragd one, were on the floor. However, what dominated the space were feather images. Paradise and Practical Magic were directly across from the entry and looked incredibly convincing in their fluffy feathery presence. Mallard: Element Is Essence, Secret Life, and Beloved, were off to the side. Llano, a soft muted geometric wall hanging woven prior to the feather series, also caught my eye for its subtle quietness. – TT p14

above, Judy Ness, Paradise
, Judy Ness, Practical Magic
above, Judy Ness, Llano

Why feathers? I'm not really a feather person, so it surprised me I was interested. Looking back I understand that the feather image became an unconscious symbol of freedom for me. After graduate school, studying and teaching at the University of Oregon, having had the luxury of being steeped in art and fiber everyday, I didn't want the momentum created in that nurturing environment to be curtailed. Still, financial needs were pressing,. . . . As time went by I wove less and less. The grief generated over letting go of the intensity of involvement in textiles was a withdrawal. I felt I had failed myself. The feather image was a sign of hope. – TT p15

above, Judy Ness, All the Kings Horses
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