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Spring 2005 Vol 31 No 1

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Michelle Lester (1942-2002)

by Nell Znamierowski

– from TT p5-8
[Ed: The image below shows Michelle Lester with weavers on the completed tapestry, Winter. Can you identify any of these people?]

Michelle Lester was an extraordinarily gifted artist who used the watercolor medium to render her ideas for tapestry designs. She faithfully transferred the spontaneity and immediacy of watercolor techniques to a woven format. Nature was a major theme for her. – TT p.5

above, Michelle Lester, Yanon East
below, Michelle Lester, Summer, detail

At some point she segued into tapestries and by the mid 1970s the work that appeared in exhibitions was all tapestry. These first tapestries were of the earth strata and are semi-abstract but employ the color variety she became noted for. Often the ideas were based on the mesas and arroyos of the Southwest. Sketching nature as she traveled became a steady supply of designs for her. – TT p6

above, Michelle Lester, Rug
below, Michelle Lester, Ako Night
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