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Summer 2004, Vol 30 No 2


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     Other ATA Awards exhibit locations and recipients include: 1993--Intermountain Weavers Conference, Care Standley; 1995—Intermountain Weavers Conference, Ann Schumacher; 1995--Association of Southern CA Handweavers Conference (ASCH), Beverly Muir; 1996--Montana State Weaving Conference, Joanne Hall; 1997--Intermountain Weavers Conference, James Koehler; 1997--ASCH, Nadine Spier; 1997--Chattahoochee Handweavers Guild exhibit, Rickie Wesbrooks; 2001--Intermountain Weavers Conference, Kathy Spoering;  2001--ASCH, Rebecca Smith; 2001--"Lines Into Shapes V" exhibit at Art Center of Estes Park, Karen Crislip; 2002--Tapestry Weavers South exhibit, Oak Ridge, TN, Susan Iverson; 2003--Intermountain Weavers Conference, Karen Benjamin. 

     A few others have received the award through the past years but the record is not complete.  If you were an ATA Award recipient and were not included in this list, please contact Beverly Kent at the address below so your name may be added for the archives.

      The hope is that other tapestry artists will also be inspired and encouraged by the award, as Marti Fleischer was.  With the award comes a ribbon, a one-year membership in ATA, an exhibition catalog from a past ATA show, and an announcement of the award presentation in a future Tapestry Topics.

      The ATA Award is available, upon request, to regional shows in which at least four tapestries are exhibited.  These shows may be sponsored by various organizations or groups and usually are juried exhibits, with the juror (or an ATA representative) making the selection for the ATA Award.  Occasionally, however, the award has been made at other non-juried exhibits in which tapestry was the focus.  ATA would like for the award to become a significant part of more regional exhibitions.  Beverly Kent is the chairperson for the ATA Awards program.  If you know of a juried exhibit upcoming in your area, please either inform the exhibit organizer about the ATA Award and give Beverly Kent‚s address, or send the exhibit announcement to Beverly and she will write to the organizers to inform them about the availability of the award.

Beverly Kent
16206 Rostrata Hill
Poway, CA 92064
phone and fax: 858-485-6104

Thank you, Circle Members!

By Ellen Ramsey

     The Circle Membership program is off to a great start with 45 members recently upgrading to the new categories.  We would like to publicly thank these members for their generosity and support.  Many upgraded for two years. Circle membership dues include an additional contribution to ATA that provides a major source of funding for the presentation of ATB5 and the publication of its catalog.  We can’t thank you enough!

Ewa Bartosz-Mazus, Nude, 49" x 23", 1996

     Our new Circle Members are, at Studio Circle:  Helga Berry, Traudi Bestler, Don Burns, Barbara Carlbon, Karen Crislip, Patricia Dunn, Bette Ferguson, Alex Friedman, Ann Granberg, Joan Griffin, Joyce Hayes, Barbara Heller, Silvia Heyden, Jane Hoffman, Peter Horn, Nancy Jackson, Michael Jennrich, Katherine Kent, James Koehler, Amy Kropitz, Christine Laffer, Connie Lippert, Priscilla Lynch, Joan McColgan, Ogla Neuts, Inge Norgaard, Michael Rohde, Letitia Roller, Judy Schuster, Maria Estela Serafini, Jean Smelker-Hugi, Melva Smith-Richman, Elinor Steele, Zoe Ann Stivers, Sarah Swett, Kathe Todd-Hooker, and Beverly Weaver.  In addition, mentoring students receive an automatic upgrade to Studio Circle as part of their mentoring fee.  They are Marti Fleischer, Elke Hulse, and Trish Winn. 

     At Curator’s Circle:  Jan Austin, Marcia Ellis, Joanne Park-Foley, Katherine Perkins, Ellen Ramsey, Frances Williamson, and Diane Wolf. 

     And, last but certainly not least, at Collector’s Circle, our angel, Carol Chave.

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