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A Quarterly Review of Tapestry Art Today

Summer 2004 Vol 30 No 2

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Linda Weghorst, Treasured Traditions: Kente Weaving, 18" x 15", 1999

     To reiterate some of the important ATA events in Denver; in addition to the fifth Biennial, there is the unjuried Small Format Frontiers exhibit at Museum of Outdoor Arts in Englewood, which is being sponsored this year by American Tapestry Alliance. The opening is July 2nd, 5:00-to 9:00PM.

     The American Tapestry Alliance General Meeting will be held in the Convention Center on Saturday, July 3rd, at 10:30AM, preceding the Critical Forum program. Please plan to attend if you are in town.  We have some business to attend to. It will be an opportunity for members to meet the board members and a chance to ask your questions or make constructive suggestions.

     This will be followed by the Critical Forum; a panel discussion on presenting and promoting tapestries.  Panelists will be Sharon Marcus, Kate Anderson and Rebecca Bluestone.  The event is open to all members and guests. The exact location will be announced at a later date. If you are not registered for Convergence, you need to purchase a day pass to enter the Convention Center.

     We now have a third venue, in New England, for the ATB5.  It will take place in Newport, New Hampshire in the facilities of an old woollen mill known as the Dorr Mill.  This is an unconventional venue but a very appropriate site for woven art.  It will provide ample space and offer lots of opportunities for educational programs and lectures. Patryc Wiggins, a founder of TWINE who was also active in the early days of the San Francisco Tapestry Workshop, arranged for this venue.

     Plans are already underway for ATB6.  Peggy Strang has graciously offered to chair the Exhibition Committee. It is a big project and anyone who would like to help with the planning, the catalog, the promotion, and all the other details should feel free to contact her.  Peggy, you will remember, did an outstanding job with the GFR/Tapestry Center Symposium in March of 2003.

     We thank you for your continued interest and support. Happy weaving.

Letter from the Directors

By Alex Friedman and Christine Laffer

     Our hardworking, innovative editor, Linda Rees, has planned themed newsletters from time to time to keep it interesting and thought provoking. This issue focuses on body language and nudes. As there are many aspects of the subject matter to consider, it promises to be an interesting issue to read. Watch for future issues with other themes and feel free to contact her with your ideas. Now that the American Tapestry Alliance website has excerpts from the newsletter, you will be able to see the images in full color.

     The members section of the website also features an article from Jane Kidd with color illustrations based on last year’s Biennial exhibit and presented at the ATA/Gloria F. Ross Center for Tapestry Studies symposium in Chicago in March 2003. Don’t miss her insightful comments and conclusions.  It will be interesting to compare with this year’s exhibition.

     As you read this, various packages from all over are being unpacked for mounting the fifth American Tapestry Biennial in the Center for Visual Art in Denver. After viewing work on slides and JPEG it will be wonderful to see the Exhibit ‘in the wool’ so to speak. It is an exciting time and there is so much to look forward to if you are planning to be in Denver.

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