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A Quarterly Review of Tapestry Art Today
Spring 2004 Vol 30 No 1
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at left, David Jonson, CityGrid Fragment Series: Vent, 2003, 14"x24"x2", photo by the artist
Here on the ATA website you can browse the latest issue of Tapestry Topics for color images. Many very interesting tapestries were not easy to reproduce for black and white print. In future articles, if submitting prints, it is best to include only one item of an installation per photograph to achieve adequate sharpness.

The next issue, with its deadline on April 15, will focus on the human body, and particularly on nudes in tapestry. We are looking for images or articles. I have thought of it primarily in terms of contemporary work, but would be open to a historical approach or any other focus that seems relevant.

“Place: Theme & Variation”
“As for where one stays, one values the proper place” Lao Tsu

by Elyse Koren-Camarra

“Place: Theme & Variation,” the latest enterprise of The Tapestry Group, was held at the good goods gallery in Saugatuck, Michigan, August 1-September 1, 2003. Rather than being mounted in the usual stark museum or gallery venue, each of the nine artists’ work was submerged in its own environment. Elevated handcrafted renditions of traditional furniture, funky contemporary folk art and Americana, or luscious textiles melded with the tapestries on the walls. Everywhere we looked, we were delighted.

Susan Iverson's work, our introduction to the show, filled the second floor landing with her "anonymous figure" tapestries. Both linear and dreamlike, we accept our place on "The Long Road Home", tracing our steps. Just exactly where we are is of no matter. We are led; we are in place. We are where we belong, on the lifescape path.

Themes Emerge in Reviews

By Linda Rees

If the number of exhibitions this past year is an indication, tapestry art is alive and well. We have reviews of three retrospective exhibits and several group endeavors. Despite our policy to have outside reviewers cover exhibits, I have also included a review of a study group exhibit written by a participant in the show. I bent the rule because the article shares information about a unique format for study, the Wednesday group offered by Archie Brennan and Susan Maffei. Their exploration of themes seemed apropos to this issue as another review introduces us to a group that has formed in order to focus on conceptual themes. Two other reviews feature weavers who explore religious subject matter. Another provides excerpts from an article first printed in The Canadian Tapestry Network that is primarily a discourse on issues the authors feel need be address by tapestry weavers.

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