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A Quarterly Review of Tapestry Art Today
Fall 2003 Vol 29 No 4
takes so long to produce the work. Most individual
artists are hard pressed to weave enough tapestries
to mount a complete exhibit of new work sooner
than about every five years. Therefore it is a major
service that the regional groups can provide the
opportunity on a more frequent basis, closer to the
time a design has come off the loom.

Having just stated how rare it is to see one person
exhibits of tapestries, we are again lucky to have
two reviews of individual exhibits by ATA
members, Karen Benjamin and Inge Norgaard.
Congratulations to both for the hard work that went
into creating their beautiful and thought provoking

A big thanks goes out to our three ATA members
who did their “first ever” written reviews and to the
many folks who have contributed all the articles
here. They have, indeed, presented thoughtful
observations and interesting reading.

In an effort to not disrupt the flow of thoughts, I
decided to cluster all the majority of Internet
addresses in one location, much like end notes. The
idea came from the Canadian Tapestry Network
Newsletter where a separate page is used for
relevant web sites. The newsletter is an evolving
process and I welcome any responses to this

Tapestry Weavers West

By Jan Moore

I joined TWW in 1991. During the 1990
Convergence in San Jose, there was a tapestry slide
event, where anyone could present slides of new
work. I was invited to join based on my
TAOS member Becky Stevens, Butterfly #8, 35" x 29" photo by Lynn Mayne
Expressive Imagery, Thoughtful Observations

By Linda Rees

A surprising phenomenon has occurred. Every
one of the regional tapestry groups who
responded with an article had an exhibit of its
member’s work this summer or fall. I certainly
had not expected such luck Are more tapestry
exhibits being mounted now than in the past? If
so, what are the dynamics influencing the trend?
Whatever the case, we can celebrate the results
with reviews of four here in the newsletter. At
least two exhibits occurring in the fall will
hopefully be reviewed for the next issue.

It makes sense that it is easier to mount group
exhibits than one person shows in a medium that

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