Spring 2007 Vol 33 No 1

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F e a t u r e   A r t i c l e      

(below left) 23. "Homage to Aubrey" in progress 2006. Detail 1
(below right) 24. "Homage to Aubrey" in progress 2006. Detail 2

(below) 26. "Homage to Aubrey" woven and ready to be cut off the loom. 2007 40" (wide) x 58" (high);
10 epi on cotton seine twine warp; Weft: wool, silk, rayon, linen, metallic.

Process and narrative illustration as concept…


Awareness of technique without being bound within traditional limits…


Object and polemic combined…



(This talk was originally presented on November 30, 2007 at the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle, Washington, in conjunction with the opening of Tapestry on the Edge.)

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