Spring 2007 Vol 33 No 1

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F e a t u r e   A r t i c l e      

(below left) 13. "ONE" 2003 127 x 104 cm
(below right) 14. "ONE" 2003 (detail 1)
(below center) 15. "ONE" 2003 (detail 2)

Medical and scientific research tends to discount the anecdotal. Individual stories and life histories are subsumed into statistical norms and projected percentages for successful outcomes. My goal is to represent the individual woman who might be part of the statistical ten per cent failure rate that is not mentioned when proponents claim a ninety per cent success rate. My work imagines her as a specific individual; it offers her voice and her questions an opportunity to be heard. In a world of specialization, where "new" is equated with "better," in a world spinning faster and faster, I question doing something "just because it's possible."  While excited by advances in technology, I am also often overwhelmed by a sense of worry.

(below left) 16. Preliminary sketches for "Promethean Dreams" 2005
(below right) 17. "Promethean Dreams" in progress (1)

(below) 18. "Promethean Dreams" in progress (2)

(below) 19. "Promethean Dreams" 2005 16" x 22"

I am an artist and a feminist. As an artist, I try to step back in order to find a slightly different angle, a different perspective. In presenting these vantage points I am not so much presenting definitive answers as I am asking questions and proposing alternatives. As I stretch the boundaries of my own knowledge and understanding, I communicate, through my art, my observations and thoughts. These concepts are filtered through the medium of woven tapestry, drawing on both its narrative power and its cultural and social potency.

(below) 22. "Conceptual Drawing for Homage to Aubrey" 2005 Paper size: 10" x 10" Graphite on paper

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