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Board Eligibility

All ATA members are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors and need to have email access.  Board candidates should possess administrative and management capabilities, and be willing to dedicate weekly time to fulfilling specific ATA responsibilities, depending upon the committees they will serve.  Interested members should submit their interest and particular qualifications to Michael Rohde,

ATA Committee Volunteers

ATA is your member-run organization -- with programs to benefit all members: the newsletter, education programs, new exhibition opportunities, the website, the next Biennial, retreats, fundraising, and designing communication materials. But we are an all-volunteer group. Where can you lend a hand? To name a few ideas: By volunteering on one of ATA’s committees; Making a cash donation in support of specific new programs; Recruiting new members. To volunteer, contact Joan Griffin,

The Board of Directors hopes you will join the “inner circle” of ATA by getting involved in an area you enjoy -- in an area you feel would enhance the practice of your craft.

ATA has moved toward a program-based mission with the goal of adding value to your membership. Simply, we need you to volunteer.

All Committees Need Volunteers!!

ATA is a committee-based organization.  Each committee program has been carefully described in a written plan. In order to provide the programs you enjoy, it is necessary for members to participate with the Board of Directors toward their fulfillment. Some committee chairs are open positions -- and all committees are in need of volunteer help from time to time.  Now is one of those times!  If you are interested in heading or working on a particular committee, please contact the proper person below. In the event of an open position, please contact Joan Griffin.

ATA is divided into two functional groups; the Member Services Group and the Resources Group. Each group is comprised of functionally-related committees within which volunteers conduct the business of the organization. Groups, committees, and programs to attain goals are listed below. Only the chairs of each committee and sub committee are shown. There are many more volunteers in each committee for which ATA is grateful.

Member Services Group

Michael Rohde, Director of Member Services

Education Committee: Becky Stevens, Chair

  • Distance Learning Program -- Barbara Heller
  • Helping Hands -- Joyce Hayes
  • Educational Retreat Program -- Karen Chu
  • Online Study Groups -- Linda Rees
  • Online Educational Articles -- Lyn Hart

Exhibition Committee: Open

  • American Tapestry Biennial -- Thomas Cronenberg and
    Jennifer Sargent, Co-chairs
  • Small Tapestry International: Passages -- Margo MacDonald, Chair
  • ATA Web Gallery Exhibitions -- Sarah Swett and Christine Laffer

Finance and Trust: Rosalee Skrenes, Treasurer, Marcia Ellis, Ass't. to the Treasurer

  • Fund use, distribution and maintenance

Membership Committee: Diane Wolf, Chair

  • Membership Database Maintenance and Renewals
  • Membership Program Management
  • Prospect Research -- Ann Arndt
  • Volunteer Coordinator -- Joan Griffin

Newsletter Committee: Juliet Barnes, Editor

  • Quarterly Newsletter -- Over 40 writers contribute their time writing articles
  • Regular ATANews (Email Updates) -- Mary Lane

Resources Group

Mary Zicafoose, Director of Resources

Fundraising Committee: Open

  • Grants Research and Preparation -- Susan Skalak
  • Special Event Fundraising

Promotion Committee: Open

  • Collateral Materials and Graphics Standards -- Elinor Steele
  • SOFA WEST: Santa Fe -- Mary Zicafoose
  • ATA Awards Program -- Elisabeth Quick and Linda Wallace
  • Web Site Development and Maintenance -- Christine Laffer
  • Web Resources -- Sarah Warren

Public Relations Committee: Elaine Duncan

  • Public Relations Planning

Library Committee: Open

  • Archives -- Fran Williamson
  • Catalog Sales -- Joyce Hayes
  • Historic Documentation

Ad Hoc Committees:

  • Red Book Revisions
  • Nominating Committee
  • Special Events

Any member interested in working on a committee or filling an open leadership position in encouraged to submit their interest by emailing the ATA Board of Directors.

Membership Profile

Currently, the majority of ATA members are weaving practitioners, yet membership is open to anyone interested in tapestry. As of July 2010, ATA has over 500 members representing 44 states in the US and 15 countries. Through outreach and educational programs, ATA is desirous of broadening their membership base to enhance the content and frequency of dialog among members, and to promote tapestry in more places. ATA welcomes membership inquiries from weavers, curators, academics, architects, all of whom add valuable perspective to the work of the organization.


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