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ATA Mentoring Program

By Priscilla Lynch

There is much to learn in becoming a successful tapestry weaver.  Today's artist/weaver strives for excellence not only in technique but also in design.  Local guilds, schools, and state and regional conferences often offer introductory tapestry classes and workshops but rarely fill the needs of the intermediate and more advanced students for further study.  To offer the opportunity for continuing education, ATA has developed a mentoring program, based on the successful HGA Teaching and Learning through Correspondence (TLC) program.  The description and goals of the program are outlined below.  If you want to study a tapestry topic in depth, but aren't sure how to go about it, consider submitting an application.  If you like to teach and guide eager students, consider volunteering to mentor.  We hope that this program will meet some of our membership's needs and encourage you to participate and provide feedback on this new program.


The mentoring program is designed for intermediate tapestry weavers (able to warp a loom and have woven several small tapestries or samplers) who want to pursue an in depth study of a tapestry topic with guidance and mentoring from a more experienced tapestry weaver.  This is meant to be a self directed and well-defined program of study.  Students are encouraged to narrow the range of study so that it can be completed within one year.
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Winter 2003    Vol. 29   No. 1
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