A  D E F I N I T I O N

Tapestry: A handwoven,
weft-faced fabric woven
with discontinuous wefts.

The warps are the vertical
threads on a loom that
provide the structure onto
which the weaving takes
place. The wefts are the
threads that provide the
face of the tapestry.

Information about ATA's Artist Pages

ATA has initiated the Artist Pages program in order to present to the public the work of contemporary artists weaving their own handwoven tapestries. To contact an individual artist about their work, go to the Artist List.

For artists interested in participating in this program, please contact our webeditor at americantapestryalliance.org

Each artist will receive information with your membership packet that gives details on how to submit images for your Artist Pages.

Your Artist Pages will be on-line for a one-year term and will remain there as long as you are a member at any level. You can update your pages once a year at the time of your membership renewal, for as long as you wish to participate as a Circle member.

Now, once you have checked your Membership status (Join Us or Renew), you are ready for the details:

How to participate in ATA's Artist Pages

When you become a Circle member of ATA, as stated above, you will receive a letter in your new member packet that looks like this:


This is a (sample) letter about ATA's Artist Pages. We're excited to have these pages on our website and we hope that you enjoy them as they develop.

You are hereby invited to participate in ATA's Artist Pages! As a Circle member of ATA, you have earned our gratitude and we'd like to show our appreciation through this invitation.

It takes us a couple weeks to get your Artist Pages up on-line (maximum of three). The sooner you can send us the information below, along with your .jpg or .gif images, the sooner we can update our site.

Please copy and paste the following information into your reply email - with one image attached. You are allowed a maximum of three images (so copy and paste this for each image). Also, please keep image sizes to 700 to 900 pixels wide, 2000k file size or less, at a resolution of 300dpi.

1. Your name as you want it to appear on-line.

2. Statement about your work in two well-written paragraphs with regard the pieces you send us.

3. Your artistic biography in two well-written paragraphs.

4. Your contact email address (optional - the default contact email address is currently: WebEditor@americantapestryalliance.org and we do not list snail mail addresses or phone numbers).

5. Your webpage link (optional - no default is set): http://

And for each piece submit the following information:

6. The full title of the piece.

7. The name of the .jpg or .gif file.

8. The dimensions (in inches or mm) of your piece.

9. The date of the piece.

Thank you for participating!! I look forward to hearing from you.

Sarah Warren
Artist Pages Manager
swtapestry at ne dot rr dot com (web-safe email address please convert the at and dots appropriately)

Simply reply to this via email or letter as directed and include the required information. We will do our best to make sure that your Artist Pages have the best presentation possible. However, if you feel that this presentation does not serve you in the way you would like, we will, of course, take your pages off the site.

We look forward to many new pages of tapestry in the coming months.