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At the right you will find a list of the artists whose Artist Pages appear on this site.

After their name we list an email address for contacting them about their work, and a website link if available.

















































































ATA initiated the Artist Pages program in order to present the works of contemporary tapestry artists to the interested public. The list below includes the name of those artists who are participating in ATA's Artist Pages:

Adair, Sandy, USA, contact fibredesign at charter.net
   ::: website at www.fibredesignsandyadair.com

Anselm, Klaus, USA, contact KJANSELM at aol.com
   ::: website at www.anselmtapestries.net

Armour, Patricia, New Zealand, contact b_armour at xtra.co.nz
   ::: website at http://www.tapestryartist.co.nz/

Austin, Janet, USA, contact janetaustintapestry at gmail.com

   ::: website at www.austintapestry.blogspot.com

Bodøgaard, Grete, USA, contact grete.bodogaard at gmail.com
   ::: website at http://sdartists.net/members/gbodogaard

Booth, Ann, USA, contact annbooth9 at verizon.net
   ::: website at http://annboothtapestries.com

Brothers, Lynda, USA, contact brosart at west.NET
   ::: website at www.lyndabrothers.com

Buckley, Elizabeth J., USA, contact weft46buckley at earthlink.net

Burns, Barbara, USA, contact bburns174 at gmail.com
   ::: website at  www.Burns-Studio.com

Burns, Don, USA, contact dnstndnldbrns at yahoo.com
   ::: website at www.wedsgroup.com

Chamberlain, Bobbi, USA, contact webeditor at americantapestryalliance.org

Christian, Martha, USA, contact ddmchris at bellsouth.net
   ::: website at  http://www.tennesseecrafts.org

Coffey, Sherri Woodard, USA, contact sherri at sherriwoodardcoffey.com
   ::: website at  http://www.sherriwoodardcoffey.com

Collier, Myla, USA, contact mscollier at charter.net
   ::: website at  http://mylastapestry.com

Colton, Mary, USA, contact mrcolton8 at comcast.net

Contractor, Donna Loraine, USA, contact donnaloraine at comcast.net
   ::: website at  http://donnalorainecontractor.com/

Cost, Mary, USA, contact maryccost at comcast.net
   ::: website at  http://www.mctapestry.com/

Crislip, Karen, USA, contact kcrislip at bigplanet.com
   ::: website at  www.KarenCrislipDesigns.com

Davis, Pamela, USA, contact pamdavis at umn.edu
   ::: website at www.pamelajdavis.com

Dufour, Line, Canada, contact tapestryline at sympatico.ca
   ::: website at http://www.tapestryline.com

Dunn, Patricia, Mexico, contact Pdunn13445 at aol.com
   ::: website at www.patriciadunntapestries.com

Eila, Lany, USA, contact webeditor at americantapestryalliance.org
   ::: website at www.lanyeila.com

Ferguson, Bette, USA, contact musette at sptmail.net

Friedman, Alex, USA, contact AQSFriedman at gmail.com
   ::: website at  www.alexfriedmantapestry.com

Gardella, Cornelia Theimer, USA, contact webeditor at americantapestryalliance.org
   ::: website at  www.corneliatheimer.com

Gibson, Pamela, USA, contact pamelagibson2 at mac.com 
   ::: website at http://www.pamgibsonartist.com

Griffin, Joan, USA, contact joan at joangriffintapestry.com 
   ::: website at www.joangriffintapestry.com

Hallberg, Birgitta, Denmark, contact birgittahallberg.textileartist at gmail.com 

Halsey, Louise, USA, contact louisemhalsey at gmail.com 

Hart, Lyn, USA, contact desertsonghart at msn.com 
   ::: website at http://www.desertsongstudio.com

Hayes, Joyce, USA, contact joyce.hayes at comcast.net 

Hoffman, Jane, USA, contact jhoffman at frontiernet.net 
   ::: website at www.artistsregister.com/artists/AZ104

Hotchkiss, Sara, USA, contact sararugweaver at gmail.com 
   ::: website at http://www.sarahotchkiss.com

Hutchison, Fiona R., UK, contact fiona.hutchison at blueyonder.co.uk 
   ::: website at http://www.fionarhutchison.me.uk

Iverson, Susan, USA, contact siverson at vcu.org 
   ::: website at http://susaniversonart.com

Jackson, Anne, UK, contact annejackson.smirnoff at btinternet.com 
   ::: website at http://www.annejackson.co.uk

Jackson, Nancy, USA, contact nancy.jackson at prodigy.net 
   ::: website at www.timshelstudio.com

Jennrich, Michael, USA, contact ciaran59@msn.com

Johnson, David L., USA, contact urbanwild at earthlink.net 
   ::: website at www.urbanwild.net

Jones, Ruth, Canada, contact ruth at ruthjones.ca 
   ::: website at http://www.ruthjones.ca

Joshi, Sagari, India, contact Sagari.fatcat at gmail.com

Kester, Mary, USA, contact kester at baldcom.net
   ::: website at www.marykester.com

Kockerovsky, Anna, USA, contact annak at tapestrystudio.com
   ::: website at www.tapestrystudio.com

Koehler, James, USA, contact jkoehler at nets.com
   ::: website at www.jameskoehler.com

Kovacs, Maria, USA, contact mefiber at yahoo.com

Kuchma, Lialia, USA, contact liakuch at yahoo.com

Lane, Mary, USA, contact marylane53 at mac.com

Laura, Maximo, Peru, contact maximolaura at maximolaura.com
   ::: website at http://www.maximolaura.com/

Leander, Ulrika, USA, contact tapestry at goeaston.net
   ::: website at www.ctw-tapestry.com

Lippert, Connie, USA, contact indigo55 at bellsouth.net
   ::: website at www.southernartistry.org/Connie_Lippert

Macdonald, Margo, USA, contact mwmacdonald at amerion.com
   ::: website at www.margomacdonald.com

Manning, Ruth, USA, contact rcmanning1 at gmail.com

Mayne, Lynn, USA, contact lynnmayne at comcast.net

Mezoff, Rebecca, USA, contact jrebecca.mezoff at gmail.com
   ::: website at www.rebeccamezoff.com

Miremont, Sonja, USA, contact sonjamiremont at yahoo.co

Mitchell, Julia, USA, contact jmtapestry at hotmail.com
   ::: website at www.juliamitchelltapestry.com

Nørgaard, Inge, USA, contact sheweaves at gmail.com
   ::: website at www.ingenorgaard.com

Okroprirdze, Tea, Georgia, contact teopila at yahoo.com
   ::: website at tea.giatkabladze.com

Pearce, Eve, USA, contact eve at sover.net

Perkins, Katherine, USA, contact tapkath at aol.com

Pretty, Suzanne, USA, contact emporium at metrocast.net
   ::: website at http://suzannepretty.com

Rautiainen, Kaija Canada, contact kaijarau at smartt.com
   ::: website at http://www.kaijart.com

Rohde, Michael, USA, contact info at michaelrohde.com
   ::: website at www.michaelrohde.com

Scanlin, Tommye McClure, USA, contact tmscanlin at gmail.com
   ::: website at http://web.me.com/tmscanlin

Socolofsky, Shelley, USA, contact skyastudio at centurytel.net

Spoering, Kathy J., USA, contact kspoering at bresnan.net
   ::: website at home.bresnan.net/~kspoering

Standley, Care, USA, contact care at ix.netcom.com

Stewart, Terri K., USA, contact tksweaver at verizon.net
   ::: website at www.stewarttapestries

Swett, Sarah, USA, contact swett at moscow.com
   ::: website at www.sarah-swett.com

Todd-Hooker, Kathe, USA, contact kathetoddhooker at comcast.net
   ::: website at finefiberpress.com

Van De Winkel, Dorothea, Belgium, contact galerij.theaxus at telenet.be
   ::: website at http://www.galerij-theaxus.com

Veenstra, Anton, Australia, contact antonveenstra at hotmail.com
   ::: website at http://antonveenstratextiles.wordpress.com

Vorgang, Regina, USA, contact regina at reginadesign.com
   ::: website at http://www.reginadesign.com

Walker, Beverly, USA, contact  bkwalker at windstream.net

Wallace, Linda, Canada, contact  yellowcedar at shaw.ca

Warren, Sarah, USA, contact sarah at swtapestry.com
   ::: website at www.swtapestry.com

Weghorst, Linda, USA, contact lgweghorst at comcast.net

Weir, Deborah, USA, contact DeborahWeir at cox.net 
   ::: website at http://DeborahWeir.net

Williams, Pat, USA, contact webeditor at americantapestryalliance.org

Zicafoose, Mary, USA, contact webeditor at americantapestryalliance.org
   ::: website at www.maryzicafoose.com

Ziejka, Marzena, USA, contact marzena.ziejka at gmail.com
   ::: website at www.marzenaziejka.com