A r t i s t   P a g e s

Kathe Todd-Hooker's Statement

I love colour and the technical and historic aspects of tapestry weaving. I like the challenge putting together images that are collage like and are symbolically powerful, personal and explosive in small spaces-contained and semi-controlled chaos.
My work can be broken into two categories. Those images that are based on my journals and dreams and those I do for the shear pleasure of playing and experimenting with colour and technique. I prefer to work at a small scale and a small format 20 epi and not much larger then 15 x 15 inches.   I do try and weave or think about doing   a piece a year that is large format.
When asked why I prefer to weave tapestry as my medium, the answer is easy-because I hate to paint!  I like to work to work with imagery, but I don’t like the physical action of painting or other "art" media. My Grandmothers taught me to honour small works and the textile arts and so I do.

Kathe Todd Hooker's Biography

Raised in The NW, I have degrees a BS and a MIAS from Marylhurst/OSAC and OSU in craft design and other minors-history, economics and CTRA. Plus, I have taken workshops and studied with many of the Ubiquitous “others” in the last 32 years. I have spent a great deal of time teaching, studying tapestry technique and writing about it since 1978. I co-own Fine Fiber Press and Studio with Pat Spark. We publish and write books on tapestry, felting, and sell supplies for these media. Shaped Tapestry, Line in Tapestry, Tapestry 101, and So Warped written with Pat Spark. I have also written articles on Russian Old Believers and Journaling. I teach nationally, internationally and have private students that meet at my studio in Albany and that I travel to. My Personal work is through Morningstar Studios named for one of my Grandmother's in Albany, OR. Since 1996 I have been the administrator and of the tapestry list which has 490 international members. I am especially interested interested in studying first contact images and those things that fall between as I do. I have two sons, 3 grandchildren, an extremely patient husband, 2 cats and a small dog and a dozen looms or more that all take up my time. My work is in private collections and has been exhibited extensively all over the world. I prefer to do speculative work to commissions.