A r t i s t   P a g e s

Suzanne Pretty's Statement

In my work I have focused on the conflict and contrast between technologies versus the natural environment.

The fracturing landscape split apart by highways and development. Powerful trucks bisect natural habitats on ribbons of highways. Earth moving equipment rips apart the forest to create matchbox housing developments. These images are a startling contrast to verdant forest, blue waters and clear sky of the natural environment.

I like the dichotomy of an ancient medium expressing contemporary subjects. The juxtaposed images technology and the environment cause a step back for reflection.

Suzanne Pretty's Biography

My grandmother’s early introduction to fiber through a toy sewing machine with fabric of assorted textures and patterns planted the seeds.

After graduating from Massachusetts College of Art with a BA in painting, my work evolved from thick paint and texture into quilted canvas fiber pieces and then into tapestry. When first moving to New Hampshire I did production weaving sold through the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen but set this aside to focus on tapestry. Recently I have been experimenting with paper weaving. These pieces are for me similar to quick sketches and allow me to work through new ideas and images.