A r t i s t   P a g e s

Katherine Perkins' Statement

One of the great passions of my life is wilderness in all of its ramifications. I feel modern society is disconnected from the natural world and the current obsession with all things technological leaves out the importance of wildness in our lives. My tapestries are, in some small way, an attempt to celebrate the beauty of the natural world that is swiftly disappearing. Additionally, I am interested in ancient man’s relationship with the world in which he lived, seen in some of my tapestries about Chaco. My recent citrus series is my expression of regret for the end of a wonderful way of life in my native California. Those also raised in the orchard culture will undoubtedly relate to a bucolic past now turned into a chaotic present.

Artist's Biography

Katherine has been weaving tapestry for ten years. She first learned tapestry weaving at Northern New Mexico Community College’s fiber arts program in the small village of El Rito. There she studied with Elizabeth Buckley, and later took classes from Jean Pierre Larochette and Yael Lurie in California and Taos. She has been in numerous regional and national tapestry shows, was one of the featured artists in a magazine article (Wildlife Art) about diverse ways of depicting wildlife in art, and was most recently in the American Tapestry Alliance’s Fifth Biennial show. This year she is shifting her focus from synthetic dyes to natural dyes and, in the process, is finding that the inspiration for her work often comes from the colors she produces rather than, as previously, from the images she wishes to depict. Currently she is preparing for a one woman show at Weaving Southwest in Taos, New Mexico.