A r t i s t   P a g e s

Connie Lippert's Statement

My tapestries are woven in wedge weave using yarns hand-dyed with natural materials.

Wedge weave is a tapestry weave practiced by the Navajo in the late 1800ís. In contrast to most weaving which is woven horizontally on the loom, wedge weave is woven on the diagonal which gives it its characteristic scalloped edge.

All my yarns are hand-dyed using indigo leaves from my garden, goldenrod gathered in the fall, black walnut hulls from a friendís tree, and other commercially available natural dyes.

My work celebrates nature and the spirit that reveres the natural world. My message is one of environmental respect and protection.

Connie Lippert's Biography

Connieís wedge weave tapestries have been in major national exhibitions including Craft National and Crafts National in Pennsylvania, Celebration of American Crafts, USA Craft Today and Craft USA in Connecticut, Fiber Directions in Kansas, Fiber Celebrated and Fiber Celebration in Colorado, 27th Annual Contemporary Crafts in Arizona, Contemporary American Rug Makers at the Ohio Craft Museum and Materials Hard and Soft in Texas as well as others. She has received 2 artist grants from the South Carolina Arts Commission. Her work is represented in museum, corporate, academic and private collections and has been published in Fiberarts Design Book 7, Line in Tapestry by Kathe Todd-Hooker, Fiberarts magazine, Handwoven magazine and in Shuttle, Spindle, and Dyepot (the magazine of the Handweavers Guild of America).