A r t i s t   P a g e s

David L. Johnson's Statement

My weaving has evolved over the past 30 years from flat-woven interpretations of ethnographic textiles and tapestries inspired by my training as a classical musician to my current interest in representing the urban life and history of Chicago, both as a former prairie and a current architectural showplace. The "Edges" series attempts to make tapestry more sculptural and more architectural, using off-loom shaping and embellishment with waxed linen, beads, and, most recently, the addition of crocheted elements. The tapestries are mounted on painted industrial felt and then on painted stretched canvas, which allow the pieces to float on the wall.

David L. Johnson's Biography 

I began weaving in 1975, and focused on tapestry as a medium until the early 1990s. In 1993, I began to construct mixed media pieces with surface embellishment; in 2000, working with digital images printed on fabric and inkjet canvas became my interest. My current work is a mixture of the two approaches to image making.
I was actively involved with the Textile Arts Center in Chicago during most of its 17 year history from 1984 through 2001 – gallery and program committee member, board member, board chairman, tapestry instructor.
My work has been widely exhibited and published in books, catalogs and magazines. My retail line of fiber-based jewelry can be seen at the Illinois Artisan shops in Chicago, Springfield, and Rend Lake; at Painted Light  and the Intuit Gallery gift shop in Chicago; and at the Bohlin Gallery in Mineral Point, Wisconsin.