A r t i s t   P a g e s

Alex Friedman's Statement

For a long time I have been thinking about the construction aspects of making a tapestry since it is basically a matter of building up a design with a spool of warp and hanks of weft.  The sculptural aspects are there; it was a matter of how to make it work and still be considered tapestry.

I have made a number of small pieces exploring the bent, folded, twisted possibilities with tapestry but there is a size limitation in working with soft material without getting into some sort of scaffolding device.

For the past three years the eccentric weft has been more interesting to explore, as the possibilities seem pretty open and full of new surprises. Stay tuned.

Alex Friedman's Biography

Alex Friedman began her tapestry career working in Michelle Lester's studio on a large commission for a fleet of jumbo jets. Little did she know how far and wide this would take her. With a lifelong love of art she has focused on tapestry for over 30 years studying with many different masters. She has exhibited internationally and she has woven many private, corporate, commissions in addition to developing her own body of work.

Alex has a studio in Sausalito, CA and is the former co Director of ATA.