A r t i s t   P a g e s

Elizabeth J. Buckley's Statement

“Winter Home”   Thousands of Sandhill Cranes fly over my home and studio each fall, as they migrate further south to the Bosque del Apache wildlife refuge.  Often, I hear them before I see them circling overhead, and always it feels like a special blessing to witness their passing.

“Prairie Study”   Growing up near the Kansas prairie, I have always been fascinated by the textures of the grasses and their ocean-like waves created by the wind.

 “Portal” is about openings, transparency, and what is behind the veil, the curtain undulating in an unseen breeze, and the intensity of memory fragments in the form of shards.

Elizabeth J. Buckley's Biography

            Elizabeth prefers working in the Aubusson tradition for her larger tapestries. A second-generation weaver of 40 years, Elizabeth also has a degree in art, which allows her to have her feet and hands in both the weaving and art worlds.  She is well acquainted with a variety of tapestry traditions, as well as with weave structures and looms ranging from 2 – 24 harnesses.   She further honed her French tapestry skills in Aubusson, France with Gisèle and Henri Brivet, well as with Jean Pierre Larochette and Yael Lurie in the States.         

            Elizabeth teaches in a variety of settings, including her studio located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.   Her work has been exhibited in national juried and invitational shows, such as the first American Tapestry Biennal, and the “Originals 2005” juried show of NM Women Artists at the Santa Fe Fine Arts Museum.  Her publications include:  Fiberarts Design Book Five, International Tapestry Journal, Tapestry Topics, and Carol Russell’s new edition of The Tapestry Handbook.